Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Real Deal

 Last Sunday when Pamela left and headed back to school it hit me. Pamela wasn't just going back to school. She was going Home to start her new job as an RN. Oh CRAP! As I gave her a hug goodbye before she climbed in the car I started crying like a baby. I realized that she has grown up and was starting as we've been laughly calling it her Big Girl Job and Life.  Oh I know she'll be back often for those free dinners or outings with the family but it's feels different so how. I know I'm a big Whimp.
Pamela's RN license arrived so she's got the paper to prove she made it. She survived her first week on her new job. I think she likes it. LOL. The week was all about orientation. We’ve all been there, lots of info, paperwork and some of it can be very boring.  She got her badge with her name and in big red letters "RN" and keys to whatever. She called home each day to report the happenings and you could tell in her voice just how excited she was to be there.  In fact here's her post on Facebook the night before she started.
 ³    Have to share her post on her first day: “First day at CSMC tomorrow as an RN! How many
              people can actually say that they are excited to go to work? It feels good to honestly say that I am so
             excited to start tomorrow! I'll be toting my new bag and badge reel from Amber Bell and Mike Bell!
             Thank you again to all my friends and family for all the love and support, especially Carla Kennedy and David
She’s right about not many folks really getting all that excited about work. And how do you like that she acknowledges us the parents. We did something right. See Lane if you’re reading eventually we the parents are smart again and get acknowledged. Oh trust me she still gets that look on her face like “Mom you didn’t just say that or you just don’t understand ugh.”
Next week she gets to go out on the floor in the post partum unit. She’ll be shadowing the Nurse she precepted under before she graduated. She’s excited about that.

During the summers I work 4 ten hour days so I can have a 3 day weekend. Well this year the entire district is working 4 ten’s. The past 6 years it has been optional but not this one. Some folks weren’t happy with that but I’m sure they enjoy the 3 days they're off. So far for the month of June I have a doctors appt every Friday. Sucks big time but at least I don't have to take time off from work and make it up when we're working a normal 40 hour week in 5 days.   

Pamela and I used my first Friday off before she left to go to my doctors appointment and then we found a store that sold scrubs so she could get some to start work in.  We were getting really hungry (imagine that) so we stopped at Panera’s for a bite of lunch. Yummy. The best place we headed to was our massage. Awwwww. Waiting to Exhale Day Spa atmosphere is calming and relaxing. If you click on the name it will take you to their website to see all the services they offer and the location. After changing into a robe you go sit in a waiting area to wait for your massage therapist in this very comfy and soothing room where the lights are low and soft music is playing. They usually have a
pitcher of water with orange or lemon slices in it and a simple snack like pretzels or chex mix for your pleasure while waiting. Of course the wait is really short. It’s just about time to get a sip of water and a couple pretzels swallowed. The picture to the right is from the Waiting to Exhale website.
When your hour is up You can relax on the table until you're ready to move or you can grab your robe and head to the dressing room. A massage salon my daughter worked during the summer one year felt like it was a clinic. No atmosphere.  The one thing that urked both of us was the receptionist this time when we entered and left. She didn't great us, she didn't communicate much at all. Thank goodness we had been to Waiting to Exhale many times before and knew this was not typical. I'm in the process of writing a letter to the owner to let her know what happened which I won't bore you with the details. If we could have bypassed the receptionist it would have been perfect.

Last year a friend of mine became an advocate for having a colonoscopy after 50. They found something and she had to have some treatments but all is well now. When you hit 50 all kinds of new experiences, aches, pains or pains in the butt so to speak start happening. I have been avoiding such a procedure but finally gave in and scheduled one on my third Friday off. Great way to spend a day off don't you think. NOT!  The prep Thursday was the worst part. At least I was able to add a Crystal Lite flavor pack. So I was drinking a 1/2 gallon mixture that tasted like waterd down salty lemonade. So refreshing. Yeah right. Me and needles do not work well together.  They had to poke me 4 different times before the IV would stay and not blow out. My hands are now bruised. Lucky me. The procedure itself I don't remember a thing. I got a clean bill of health from my doctor so I'm good for 10 years. Preventative health care is better than waiting to find out it's too late or you have to have major treatments of any kind. So my advice is if you're over 50 and haven't had a colonoscopy go do it now. Get it over with and be worry free.

Last nite for dinner we met up with our friends the Harpers at The Cisco Salsa Company in Tomball. Mmmm maybe it was an off day for the bartender but the Margarita was terrible. David had to send it back. That's a first. Our food was only so so. Actually it was very bland. The cheese dip was rather tasteless and over cooked. Now the salsa and chips were Yum. After dinner we went out and sat on the patio for a beer and wine while listening to the music. The guy sang several Marty Robins, Johnny Cash and other songs. He wasn't bad at all. But right now I'm not sure the chips, salsa and the music are enough to get me back. Maybe on a cooler evening I might go back to listen to the live music and have a drink or two. Sorry Harpers we didn't steer you in the right direction for food but hey the company was good. But now we know.

Wasn't in a picture taking mode this past week so you got more words than pictures. I'll try to make up for it on my next post.

So until next post....A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world. ~Lois Wyse~


Jeanette said...

It's just so hard to see them fly off on their own. But lucky for you that she is close enough to come home often. So glad you got a clean bill of health. My husband just had one last week and we are waiting on the results. It's hell getting old, but it sure beats the alternative!

Linda Chapman said...

I know it is a big milestone having Pam get out on her own. I am so impressed with her and the dedication she has to nursing.
She will make a difference in more lives than she'll be able to count!
Love and prayers for you AND Pam in this special summer of your lives!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Hey Miss Carla, I wanted to thank you for hoppin' on my blog.

This is the time I year I get totally overwhelmed tryin' to keep up with all the activities on the busy Ponderosa and tryin' to blog. I'm takin' the summer off but I will be back....with avengeance!!! Heeheehehe!

God bless and have yourself a fantastic summer sweetie! :o)

Gayle said...

What a blessing your daughter is, you did a lot right Carla! I am an LPN, and I tell you, getting that RN is very hard work. (That is why I haven't gotten mine!) She will be a blessing to many.
Enjoy those 3 days a week off! Summer time is made for slowing down don't you think?
OK, I think I hit the follow up comments button! LOL!