Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I’m so Happy I Can’t Stop Smiling

I posted on Facebook this morning that It’s Official!!! Pamela passed the NCLEX. She is now officially and RN!! She’ll start work on Monday the 18th. She’s so excited. When she got her degree from Texas A&M we thought she was done but she wanted more and returned to school to get a nursing a degree. She loved it. We’d never seen her so excited about school and what she was learning. Well she succeeded and is entering a new phase of her life and we the parents couldn’t be prouder! It’s real now.

Oh and remember how I told you my husband was itching to landscape….well he’s started.   No it's not rain it's the sprinkler but you can see the small bed his created on the side of the garage. We'll be adding to it as we go. Barbara B. if you're reading guess what he planted there..... 2 or 3 vitech bushes. Figured you'd like that.
David just couldn’t wait to get something in the ground. He had our other house finally landscaped to where he was finding it hard to find a reason to yank anything out by the roots. He was always changing something so it got to be a joke among our family and friends as to what David yanked out by the roots in the landscaping. My friend Judy was a benefactor of about 4 trees and some other plants during his yanking out period. LOL. I guess someone asked how long these plants would last before David changed things up and started yanking them out.

 In back of the garage he has a small bed for bushes to create a hedge next to the trailer pad to kinda hide the trailer when it's parked.   
He's got a Crepe Myrtle planted off the point of the patio with roses surrounding it, same around our bedroom window, and along the west side of the house. He also planted some plumbago and esparanza's. In time those crepes should shield the windows on that side from the west sun.  
 He started on the front by removing most  of the plants that came with the house and then added an esparanza in front of each window. We'll He'll fill in the bare areas later.
 Next round of planting he'll have the sago palm moved more to the center of the window and he thinks he'll plant another one in the center of the windows to the left of the door.
The left side of the house is bare but it won't take him long to figure something out.
And get this as we sat on the patio last Sunday David goes “You know, it don’t look bad” What did I hear right? He actually likes his landscaping so far. Wow! I think it looks great but hey what do I know. David is my Yard Crasher.
I took these pictures last Wednesday when it teased us with possible rain. Hence the angry looking clouds.

And this is what I came home to yesterday evening after work. What the ????  The chairs were blown over and around. The grill was about 2" from falling off the patio. It's normally 8' to the left.

And the 4 rocking chairs that normally sit in a row looking out at the lake were all in a big heap.

Apparently we had some pretty high wind. The rain didn’t show up until around Crazy.
David finished painting, hanging a new light fixture and hanging a mirror in our ½ bath, changed out the toilet paper and towel holder and attempted to install our new faucet. Notice the soap dispenser has stars. The trash can matches. We love our stars.

The faucet was not cooperating. It took the plumber 2 times to get it installed correctly so it wouldn’t leak. I knew something was wrong if David couldn’t do it.
While Pam and I were out I picked up some new plain brown towels and I embellished the first one with some cowboy boot fabric I had. Not sure what I'll add to the others and how yet What’cha think?   Well don't look too close you might might my oops.

Now I need to get something on the walls. Grrrr I hate that part because I’m not good at it.
Okay all that is on my mind is that in 4 days my daughter will be working in a hospital and her room here will be empty. Catch 22. Happy her dreams are coming true but sad because I’ll miss her but I’m still smiling. Yes I know she’ll be home for visits and I can run up to see her but….. ya know it's not the same.

This weekend is Father’s Day and for us it will be quality time together before Pamela takes off and try to keep dad from doing projects so he'll relax. We have some places we want to go on Saturday and then Chill on Sunday. David said he would chill. I’ll let you know if that happens. David’s not very good at the relaxing part.

Well 2 posts back to back is a record for me. Whew….

Well until next blog…. Have a Happy Father’s Day!
When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around.  But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.  ~Mark Twain ~
Sound familar....LOL

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Oh, my goodness!!! WHAT a great post!! I feel like we just had a visit and I caught up with all y'all have going on! Now I'm off to catch the post previous!!!