Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life is good... I think. But the Waiting .....

Memorial Day weekend. Pamela was getting fairly discouraged because she’d been filling our applications for nursing jobs but she hadn’t gotten any interview calls. I told her to give it time, she did  just graduate and it will happen. She finally got two interviews but no offers after 4 days. A little communication would be nice. A thank you but we can’t offer a job now or better yet “when can you start”…..but nothing. I had asked a prayer group that I belong to, to please send a prayer up for Pamela. It’s always hard to watch your child when they feel discouraged or down or struggling with life big or small. Well the prayers must have worked because when I got home that Friday I found Pamela sitting on the couch talking with her Dad with the biggest smile. I was tired and happy to be home to start a 3 day weekend so I wasn’t thinking about jobs. She just kept smiling. Finally she jumped up saying “I have a job offer.” Oh hallelujah. Since it was Memorial Day weekend they told her to think it over and let them know on Tuesday. Well that worked for Pamela because she was hoping to hear back from the other interview. Well come Tuesday morning still no call from the 2nd interview. Bummer but she had to call the other hospital and give them her decision whether she would take the internship for 3 months and then hopefully a full time position. Oh the decisions….. Pamela still hadn’t heard  from the 2nd interview. Lo and behold by mid morning Pamela had her 2nd job offer. Yahoo options! Now she had to make a decision.  She went for the 2nd offer in the post partum dept. She did her preceptor ship at this hospital and in this department. In our neck of the woods most graduate nurses don’t always get to go straight into a specific department.  She called the 1st offer to decline but let them know it was a hard decision and she appreciated the offer. THEN happiness she has a job! But she’ll be staying in College Station. Oh well that’s okay because she has a job! Did I mention that already? We’re so excited for her to start this new phase of her life. Now to pass the Board which she took just yesterday. We have to wait 48 hours for the results.  
We’re sitting on Pins and Needles waiting for the official notice of whether
she passed or failed..

Here’s a couple of pictures of Pamela and my mom from lunch at our favorite tea room in Tomball, The Whistle Stop. You don’t go away hungry. Some tea rooms we’ve been too only give bird size servings but not here.  Everything is always so yummy.  
Not that Pamela was thrilled but of course I had my camera so I convinced her to let me take some pictures of her and her Mimi. She’ll appreciate them one day.

You know if I’d get caught up I’d be able to post at least once a week when I have  current news or things to share but I’m always behind the Eight Ball.

Last Wednesday when some areas were getting heavy rains all we got was rain and thunder and lots of wind. You could see and smell the rain about a mile away but it never reached our house. So instead I played and finally caught a lightning strike.  We did finally get rain the next day. Hard heavy rain. Total rain last Thursday was 1 1/4. Not bad but it didn't keep us at home.
We, meaning David, Pamela an I met at Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant on DJ’s Upper Desk to listen to Davin James. David and I have gone to Pufferbelly’s to  see Davin on Wednesday night’s before but this venue is closer to home. So while listening to Davin we had good food and margarita’s. Pamela decided it was time to get even and snapped a picture of David and I and posted it on
facebook. It was a very enjoyable evening. Come to find out DJ’s Upper Deck has music every Thursday evening. There was no cover charge for Davin so I’m guessing there’s not one for any other Thursday night. Works for me. You know what’s even better I didn’t have to go to work the next day. For the months of June and July I work four – 10 hr days and get Fridays off. Yahoo. But the days do get long. Of course the hubby has no sympathy since he works 10-12 hours 95% of the time.  

Well that covers the happenings of last week can’t wait to see what this week will bring. Oh I know something Pamela and I did we drove up to College Station/Bryan and she signed a lease on a new apartment.
 Do you think she's happy? It's her first place. I love this face of happiness.

The apartment has never been lived in and for the first time in 7 years of school she get's a whole pantry and not just a shelf, she won't have to wait on some else to do their laundry, she'll have a whole freezer and if something is dirty, messy or the trash needs taking out it's all her doing. LOL

Hopefully I’ll be sharing more good news soon.

After posting my blog on the 9th I read Amber's post about baby Harrison. He was having some complications and gave his Mom and Dad quite a scare but with the great team of doctors Harrison is showing improvement  as of the end of today.

So until next blog...............say a prayer for the quadruplets progress and Pamela as she starts the new phase of her life. I'll be sending prayers out to my friends and blogger friends who are battling cancer, and other life altering and threatening diseases. 


Barbara Baldwin said...

Yay for Pamela. I am happy for her and for her parents!

Barbara Baldwin said...

Yay for Pamela. I am happy for her and for her parents!

Diane said...

Big congratulations to Pamela!!

Linda Chapman said...

I have fond memories of the Whistle Stop! We need to do that AGAIN!!! Soon.....I hope!