Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Hard to say Good-Bye

It's always hard to say Good-bye when you lose someone you love. Be it a family member, a friend or a member of a friends family. Don't put off the I love you's and a get together whenever possible. We never know if we'll see that friend or family member again. Live today because tomorrow is not promised.

Saturday I went to the funeral of Margaret Pope the mother of my sister-in-law, Lynn Pope Kennedy. There was no warning. It was just a tragic mis-hap. Margaret was a wonderful and sweet woman who loved her family deeply. She had the bluest blue eyes that shined when she smiled. She will be missed by all.

Thursday morning the 24th I received a call from the father of my close friend Amy Finley Carter that she had passed away at 6am. When she was diagnoised with lung cancer in December we all had high hopes that Amy would beat it and the doctors felt positive that they could put it in remission, so how can this be?....... Amy was so young and always full of life. Amy fought the battle with courage and faith. I am going miss her pranks, our pep talks, choir practice and everything about her. It's pretty lonely knowing I can't call her with the latest happenings around here or my life. Her services will be Tuesday, April 5th.

May God grant his peace to the friends and families of these two lovely ladies who will be missed.

Keep the families and friends of Margaret and Amy in your prayers. 

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Linda Chapman said...

Amen. Words well spoken. Reminds us to treasure each and every moment we have with our friends, family, loved ones. You DID treasure those moments and now you have beautiful memories to take out and enjoy any time you want. I know your heart is still in much pain. Prayers for the families of Margaret and Amy.....and for you as well.