Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do I have to stop celebrating?

Oh alright I guess I'm done. The past 4 days have been great. On Thursday the 3rd my boss treated me to an early celebration of donuts, kolaches,biscuits, breakfast tacos, a cake, and Death by Chocolate dessert. Yummy! Now the Death by Chocolate was my favorite especially since I called it "Happy Brownies". No not that kind of Happy Brownies. That kind is magic or funny brownies. My brownies were happy. What you say makes them happy..... the kahlua. The brownies were soaked over night in kahlua then crumbled into the chocolate mixture layered with whipped cream and whatever else. This is one dessert that kept us laughing all afternoon. All I had to do was say "Happy Brownies" and folks around my cubicle would start to giggle. You would have thought we drank the bottle but we figure my boss finished that before she came to work. Just kidding!

Right after work I picked up my daughter who came home for the first time in 45 days to celebrate our birthdays together, and my Phi Mu sorority sister Sheryl and we head to Ladies Nite out at the Rodeo.
Too much fun. For the price of our ticket we were able to consume as much yummy food and drinks as we wanted, have pictures taken (of course I had my own camera too), face painted, get our make up done, hair styled and they even had a massage table there.
Oh and of course you got to watch the rodeo. Sugarland put on a great performance but the bartender behind us was just about as entertaining. He was dancing and grooving.
On Friday, when the hubby came home from work he went to lunch with Pamela and I. We rarely get David to go to lunch with us like this.We went to the Whistle Stop Tea Room in Tomball. If you haven't been you need to go there. It was David's first time there. Great food and awesome desserts. After lunch Pamela and I dropped David off at home since he had no desire to go shopping.
Then Saturday on my birthday Pamela and I headed to Montgomery to have lunch with my mom and Joe (my step-father). And guess what we did after that...........yep we went shopping. Now Joe went home he seemed to have the same sentiment  as David did Friday about shopping. Now  while it sounds like I like to shop trust me I don't but Pamela and I did have some birthday money that was crying to be spent.  ;o) That night David took us to the Taste of Texas. More yummy food and desserts. Maybe I ought to cancel that doctors appointment I have in April........eeekk blood sugar levels are probably out the wahzoo....
And when Sunday rolls around... I went to my postcard bee @ Quilter's Crossing (great quilt shop) in Tomball. One of the girls bought me a birthday cake that was yummy too. Had a great time with the girls and I actually completed some quilted post cards and a couple book marks.When I got home David figured I wouldn't want to cook on my birthday weekend so he took Pamela and I out to eat again for Mexican food. Pamela doesn't have classes on Mondays so she was able to stay home an extra night so she could go with us. After dinner we were watching TV when David says "Finally the weekend is over and you can quit celebrating". WHAT? I have to stop celebrating. Well maybe I will I'm kinda tired. This celebrating takes lots of time and work plus I think I've met my quota for desserts. Then David reminds me of the carrot cake he bought us for our birthday.

Until next time.......................... Celebrate like there's no tomorrow!

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Linda Chapman said...

Sounds like an absolutely PERFECT birthday! Glad you got to have so much fun!! Milk it for all it's worth.....and it is worth a LOT!

Charmaine said...

Love the beginning of your story!
Looking forward to more tales.