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Yes Mandy  if  you’re reading this I started harassing folks with my camera long before I ever joined the Quilt Guild. I figured I'd be safe with this picture of you. You look to be in thought but I know you were really trying to ignore the camera pointed in your direction that evening. I don't want to get in too much trouble with you or you won't guide me with your quilting expertise. Which I truly a appreciate.
My daughter has been my primary victim for the last 24 years.   And I might add she's not always a willing victim. Photography is  and has been a great way for me to document events and happenings in my life, just wish I was better at it. I remember when I was about 10 and my dad bought me my first camera.I sat in a lawn chair in Chicago while visiting my dad and took a whole roll of film of airplanes as they flew over the trailer park on O'Hara flight pattern.  LOL. It was a green Kodak Point and Shoot that I think I may have passed it down to my little sister when she was about 10. I wish I had been better at taking pictures when I was younger of my friends but the ones I did take have come in handy in the past few years. I really got into the photography thing when I was in high school. When my high school boyfriend joined a photography club that was part of the Boy Scouts of America thru Kaye Marvin Studios, I joined too and was the only girl. That was fun.
When I graduated from HS and was working I bought my first 35mm camera, a Mamaya Sekor 1000DTL that they now no longer make. In a land before digital. After I got married my husband bought me a Minolta SLR. I have a small collection of cameras now on a shelf in my sewing/craft area. An old Pentax that a friend gave me to display and David gave me his parents brown box camera. You know my parents had a black box camera. hmmm I wonder where it is now day? I currently use a Nikon D50 digital that I bought with money I made from working a second job. Love it.
Now I have missed some good shots by being either so amazed or no camera in hand at the right time.  There’s this stretch of road where people forget to slow down to make a curve on 149.  One rainy day we were coming home from rustic store we like and this truck pulling a big trailer came around the curve too fast and started swerving into our lane. I should have had my camera snapping but I was to scared that the truck wasn’t gonna get control before it took out my highlander along with us in it. The truck made one manuerver where the trailer fish tailed around into our lane and everything was sliding towards us. The trailer  our car  by inches and then crashed into the fencing on his side of the road. Thank you Lord. Pictures would have been blurry from me shaking so bad. Another  picture moment would have been when our book club had a meeting at this restaurant and the girls at the oppossite end of the table caught the bread basket napkin on fire and couldn’t put it out. No staff person or anyone else came to the rescue. I was too busy laughing and watching to to snap a picture.  Obviously I wouldn’t make it as a photo journalist. I’d miss all the good shots.
But that's not to say I didn't catch some good or at least decent action shots when my daughter played waterpolo for High School and College. 

Pam blue cap #12 gaining possession
Pam in blue cap steals the ball

Pam #7 trying to pass the ball
Pam - #7 maroon in possession

I enjoy taking pictures at weddings, book club, our home, parties, quilting and crafty things and events.
UT Gal and Aggie Guy get married. Now this is how to arrive
Wedding reception in Blanco Texas
Houston Oaks Country Club

There's nature and landscaping
2008 My Dad & Family in Missouri
There's family and more family
2010 Pam, her mimi (my mom) and Poppy


or whatever comes my way.
Like these unique county road signs in Jamesport, Missouri down the road from my birth place. These are real signs.
Don't tell Me Missouri Hwy Dept doesn't have a sense of humor.
Jamesport is an Amish town where they still drive horse and buggies.   
They tell me that when a new Amish family moves to town, the town folk start watching the ditches for free appliances. The Amish family will go in and pull out all appliances, lighting and modern conveniences and toss them in a near by ditch.. Free for the taking
Can you image driving down the road seeing a horse and buggy coming at ya? It's always fun to go back and visit. It's like going back in time. 
I  like to take pictures of friends. This is my Phi Mu Sorority Sister Sheryl. We went together to the 
2011 Ladies Nite at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
Thanks to a friend I found SMUGMUG.Com. I have a link there where I store all my pictures and organized them by category and my albums are by date. Now you ask "Are you this organized in your every day life?" LOL. David would give you a "Hell No"if you asked him.

Digital Albums are so much easier than scrapbooking and dare I say cheaper. Since digital came along my scrapbooking has slowed considerably. I’ve scapbooked pictures up thru October 2006. I’m just a little behind.  I’m now a little more picky about what I actually scrapbook since I have the digital albums. Eventually I’d like to go back and scan all my old pictures into a digital album. My link has unlimited access and very little chance of loss since they back up on several different servers. Gotta Love it.
If you'd like to see other pictures I've taken

 Until next blog .........  Some where, some how you could end up in pictures. So Smile!

.•*´¨ ) ¸.•*¨) -:¦:- Carla.

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Linda Chapman said...

How did I go all day and miss this post until now? I did not know you were so interested in photography!Loved all the pics and I am off to visit your photo website.....

Deb and Mandy said...

Oh Carla you are in so much trouble! :-)
Very nice post ( except for the first picture! grrrr!!!)