Monday, April 4, 2011

Memories of the way we were............

My Grandmother
Lorea Dowell McLallen
I called her Othermom

My Mom Evelyn and her Brother
Richard McLallen about 1939
I love looking at old photographs, don't you?  For whatever reason I always think of the song "Memories" from the movie The Way We Were" with Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford. ....  
Pictures connect the dots of where we came from to where we are now.They show good, bad and sometimes the ugly. The one thing that drives me crazy about looking at old photos of my family is that I don't know who some of the people are.

No one thought to make a note on the back of the photo. I mean give me a date, a year and who the heck is in the picture. A little journaling would have been great too. Most of the people who might have been able to provide that information are gone.

The Hamm Boys - Related but not sure how
Aren't they pretty. Their eyes are crystal blue.

My Uncle Ralph & his brother JD
My Othermom's brothers

I'm slowly sorting through photos that a cousin gave me when my grandmother passed some years back. 

I guess that's why I try to record dates and names on pictures I take and sometimes provide the occassion or reason for the gathering. So whenever Pam pulls out the old pictures she'll know who she is looking at and how they're related or connected.
around 1952 Aunt Mary
Uncle Dick and mom Evelyn
Grandma Flossie Tate My dad
Jerry Whitney and Me

Good example of why to take pictures of friends and family....I just lost my close friend Amy and guess what I've only got one picture of her. She like a few of my other friends and family she would hide from the camera or give me special hand signals. Sound familiar. LOL.
I'll get you now my pretties, I'm on a mission.
And if that family member or friend puts me on the you know what list oh well I can always use the picture as a dart board target. 

My Cousin Gayle, My grandfather Phafe (Carl McLallen),
My grandmother Othermom, (Lorea McLallen), holding
my cousin Lisa, and Me

Here's a few more old pictures I've found and now scanned for safe keeping. Some of these photos are starting to fade and yellow. If I could I've tried to correct some of the blemishes. I just wish I knew who some of these folks really were.

Who knows I may need the reminder as the years pass of whom I'm looking at. You know there are days when I can't remember my name so maybe the pictures will help. LOL

Othermom, My Cousins Gayle & Lisa


1975 My Othermom (aka Grandmother)

Until next blog..........................................  
"SMILE: If you can't lift the corners, let the middle sag."

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Hi Carla! Great photos. Those "Hamm Boys" are quite handsome, and I love the one of "Othermom" on the motorcycle :)

I love old family photos too. Just framed one of my parents wedding photos to have out on display.

Tks for stopping by!