Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hill Country tripping round 2

Saturday the 8th we were ready for more adventures. Check out this house's back yard. If you get drunk and go to far you could have a small fall and end up on the middle of the road. We went exploring up the hill from our hotel. Our drive up and down this hill proved very scenic and lots of deer.

Our next adventure was to a quilt shop there in Kerrville. And it has a retreat house next door. This shop was the very most friendliest shop I've ever been in. Wow. And they had beautiful fabrics and patterns available. At some point I would really like to book one of my retreats here. It's a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive but I think it would be worth it. They had a great selection of my favorite kind of fabric. Western/Texas  
Photo by Creations
And they had the cutest stuffed animals around the shop. I haven't grown up. I could have brought them all but then I be in debt for sure. They had some great jewelry too. Pamela found something for her Mimi's birthday in August. Pamela always shops ahead for gifts. See the tuffet in the lower left corner under the table. I love it out of that striped fabric. I may call them about how to make. 
Photo by Creations

Time is up and we're hungry for lunch.
Pamela was gracious enough to let me come check out the shop but I figured I better feed her. She's not into quilting per say but she always fines things there she likes and she's a great help to me when I'm buying fabric for a project. She's gets very grumpy when she's hungry.... Love you Pammy.
Our lunch choice today was the Welfare Cafe in Welfare. It used to be a General Store and Post Office. The place was a recommend by one of David's  Bell Gang friends Tommy. I'm glad we went. It was all very tasty. Next time David and I go to the Hill Country I need to get him there.

We both ordered a hamburger. I should have ordered the one she got because it had grilled onions and candied jalapenos. This is the picture of my partially devoured pimento cheese burger.  It was very tasty but after a while I was overwhelmed by the pimento cheese.

After lunch we headed to 

Comfort, Texas to go to a couple of wineries and the Hill Country Distillery where I buy my jalapeno moonshine. On our way we came across the great shot. Big Joshua Creek. 

 First we went to Singing Waters Winery. A glass of Sweet Lupe and a relaxing moment on their patio.  
  Pamela is good at this selfie picture taking thing. I'm no good at it at all.
After a relaxing time here we went to Bending Branch Winery, a new winery tasting room called Newsome's and then we walked next door to my fav the Hill Country Distillery. Now we might have had a couple of drinks each there. We spent some time there and I picked up my jalapeno moonshine and I got some Orange Dulce (60 proof) to make a drink that tastes like the dreamcicle ice cream bar that many of us ate at some point in time. This drink can be very dangerous tasting so good.  
After this I wanted to take Pamela on a drive to Lost Maples State Natural Park and back down Hwy 16. Both are gorgeous drives. I can't tell how many crossing to the park we crossed that said watch for water across the road. 
I'd hate to get caught between these crossings in a rain storm.  We saw lots of wild life like deers and turkeys. Pamela caught this view as we coming out of Lost Maples towards Medina Texas.
Coming down the twisty curvy Hwy 16 Pamela caught the sunset. Surprising since part of it she was squealing as we traveled around all the curves.

Several hours passed and we got back to Kerrville around 8:20 pm. Imagine our tummies were thinking it was time for food so I took Pamela to the Pint & Plow for pizza and a beer. She got a beer called River Shandy. She gave me a taste and it was good and I'm not a big beer drinker.
This was our latest night out. Normally we'd be back to the hotel no later than 8:30 but tonight it was nearly 10pm. We're rebels I know but yeah we pack a lot in each day out.
Our trip was coming to an end and we still had places to go. Next trip.
Sunday we got up and headed to Fredericksburg for an early lunch at Hondo's and a couple of last minute wineries. Our final stop before leaving Fredericksburg was the Wildseed Farm. They always have great photo ops. LOL This is one time that I can actually get the kid to take pictures.


And so ends our trip. Oh we did make one more winery stop closer to home. It was the Texas Star Winery in Chappell Hill. They had a tasty Cranberry Wine. Again this one could be dangerous because it was like drinking Cranberry juice. mmmm Need take David here since it's not that far from home.

One last picture I'll share is the quilt I made for my long time friend Brenda who became a first time Granny. I delayed this post so by the time it actually posts I'll have met up with Brenda to give her this quilt for Olivia Kate S.

I hope she likes it.  My quilter Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest chose a rose pattern to quilt it with. She always picks the perfect quilting pattern for each of my quilts.
Until next blog post...


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. I'm still laughing at the wine quote. And Comfort, Texas. That sound like a place good to visit. Your quilt is really beautiful and I love the ways you displayed it..Have a wonderful week..Judy

Handywoman said...

That place is really nice!!! and as for the Wine Quote...I concur :)