Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Busy Busy

Jan and Lulu
So picking up where I left off from last post. Retreat time had come to an end and it was time to head out. Denise and I got in our cars and headed to Round Top to visit our friend Jan. She and her husband found a deal they couldn't pass up. That Friday was only a preview day for the vendors for the big Antique show starting Monday for the Round Top area so traffic wasn't bad at all.
So Jan and her husband bought 10 acres with a house that came with furniture and dishes, a lean to and a shop. Well I think it was a shop.  I mean wow they found a beautiful place inside and out. Really appreciate the invite to see her new place.
From Jan's I headed to Pamela's to spend the night and go up to the farm the next day with David.
Pamela was going to Waco with her friends to the Silo's for some festival they were having up there. That's Laina and Thomas with Pam.
They said that the new bakery that Chip and Joanne from Fixer Upper built had a 2 hour wait to get into the shop to order anything. They blew that off.

I took Lilley and Sophie to the farm with me.
 They had fun hanging out at the pond which is now full and hanging out on the porch of the Mini Mansion. David was pulling what might have been cat-tails but actually I think it's wild onion because I found more all around the pond. I love the color of the pond. Of course once ducks arrive or the fish get bigger it will probably get a little more murky looking I'm sure but I love it now. And the shape is so much nicer. Now it looks like a real pond.
So there wasn't much I could do at the time so I pulled out my sewing machine and did some sewing on the porch. David came up on the porch sat down to relax  and said it would be great to come to the farm and not leave. One day it will happen.
 Sophie could never just relax but stayed close by. When I got off the porch a couple times to get water or take a few pictures she stayed on the porch but stayed attentive.

Then there's Lilley who followed me everywhere but after hanging out down at the pond walking around she had no problem relaxing on the porch. LOL
That sunshine and running around wore her out.
My niece in Missouri is always talking about her farm boy so I sent her this picture of David on the 4 wheeler taking a load of limbs he had trimmed off the crepes and vitex up at the front gate to the burn pile. He's a city boy turning country. I'll have to catch him on the tractor next time for her.
I left the dogs with David and I ran into Hearne to see if a BBQ place we keep seeing was opening to get lunch. And Yahoo it was. It's just on Hwy 6.just past hwy 79. At first I thought mmm looks dry but once I got back to the farm and we bit into the slice beef sandwich we were happy. And they make their own potato salad recipe that is delicious. David's not a big potato salad person but he really like theirs.  A new eating place found for March.
Isn't this beautiful? These wisteria are hanging over the road leading to the farm and covering it in purple blooms.   So ends a nice weekend after week at retreat.
I was needing some serving bowls that would work with my dishes. My current bowls are/were cream with pink and teal stripes that doesn't exactly go with red, brown and gold plates. 
Well I needed a couple of things from the grocery store and as I was walking in this clerk was putting out a variety of items when I noticed these red crockery serving bowls and they also had a couple of smaller bowls. I passed them and went about getting what I needed but before checking out I stopped and looked. Wow...only $3.49 each and the smaller bowls were only $2.49. Couldn't pass them up. They were perfect. They're in my cabinet now.
It's that lovely time of year Grrrr.... income taxes. Don't you just love it. Taxes are my chore. I already finished Pamela's Yippee.
I am excited to say that ours will be done before Pamela and I take off Thursday. All I need is a form from the bank, drop the number into the program and I'm done except for maybe the crying or a surprise. Depends on the numbers on the form. 
Thursday Pamela and I take off for our annual Mother Daughter trip to the Wine Hill Country. We'll be staying Kerrville again this year but we'll be spending time in Fredericksburg, Bandera and maybe Luchenbach. And I can't forget Comfort at the Moonshine Distillery.
Good timing since I only have one bottle of wine left. LOL
Until next blog post.... For me, life is about being positive and hopeful, choosing to be joyful, choosing to be encouraging, choosing to be empowering. Billy Porter


donna said...

Love seeing pictures of your farm. Oh my the wisteria is gorgeous. I would love to drive by that coming home.
Hope you have a great day sweet friend.

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

I agree with beautiful the wisteria is!!!! I love seeing this when I drive around Corpus. Not much, but when I do see it, I have to stop and view it longer than I should [at least until a car shows up behind me on the road].

What a charming blog. I'm sure glad you stopped by Hootin' Anni's...otherwise I would've not known about "A Little of this...a Little of that".

Potato Salad? I love it. One restaurant in town, makes it with black olives and bacon added. What a humdinger of a recipe. the dogs!!!