Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hill Country Bound - Mother Daughter trip Part 1

What a beautiful time to go to and be in the Hill Country. Pamela and I took off Thursday April 6th for our annual Mother-Daughter trip. We always have fun and lots of wine. Our first stop out of town was in Brenham the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream for lunch. We needed to eat before the wine tasting begins right? I took Pamela to BT Longhorn Saloon and Steakhouse. David and I went a couple of years ago and the food was yummy then and still was this time. Pamela and I both got a hamburger. Hers was the Longhorn Burger and Mine was the Southwestern Burger with chiptole mayo, avocado, roasted peppers, onions, and pepper jack cheese. 
And the buns are soft and flavor-able.  
With our tummies full we were off to our first winery not far from Brenham called the Saddlehorn Winery.  We start there every year and this time the girl recognized us. Uh oh...Is that good or bad? I was gonna pass on the wine testing this time and just get my wine called Happy Trails. Bummer they won't have any bottled for the next 2 weeks. So I did a testing and found another wine I liked.  While the young lady was getting us each a box knowing we'd need it for our trip, Pamela was looking at all the Tshirts and other gift items and she found this Tshirt for me.  Love it! All paid for and boxed up we were ready to head on down the road for our next stop.  But first we had to strap in our precious cargo. LOL  I mean we don't want it to fly off the seat if we happen to make a sudden stop. That would be prudent now would it...   As we were pulling out I stopped at a patch of bluebonnets to snap a couple of pictures of a quilt I finished. I'll take several before I decide on which one to use but I can't share the picture yet. I have to wait until I take some more pictures and I get it to the recipient.   Our next stop was in Dripping Springs at the Bell Springs Winery. We did a tasting and then got a glass of wine to drink out on the patio and enjoy the weather. Enjoyed the nice views of the property too. It has been a beautiful day so far and the patio was calling our name. From here we head on down the road toward Fredericksburg and to our hotel in Kerrville. When we got to Kerrville we decided to go straight to dinner at Mi Sombrero.  Tasty food and no margarita's. Believe it or not.                                                       To avoid the wine tours and the masses we go take off Friday morning to go back into Fredericksburg to hit some of our favorite wineries.. We shopped or basically window shopped in Fredericksburg until it was time for lunch at the Peach Tree Tea Room.  If you click on the name it will take you to their website. I saw on FB where a former co-worker was there and talked about how great the place was so I figured Pamela and I needed to check it out.  We weren't sorry. Great food and service. Pamela had a Turkey pocket and I had their fish tacos. So delicious.  After lunch you looked at couple other shops then it was time for wine. We stopped at Rancho Ponte first for a tasting and their yummy sangria. They don't bottle it they only sell it by the glass or carafe. You know what from here I don't remember where went next or in what order at this point. I guess I should have made notes. Of course it doesn't really matter. We made it to one of our favorite places.... Fat Ass Winery.  We had fun here. We got to comparing notes with 2 couples also there doing wine tastings. Then we all did jalapeno wine shots. We were expecting a burn but it went down really smooth. Didn't buy any but it was fun to try. The guy next to us was getting a sangria shot because it was his birthday. Pamela goes this is our extended birthday trip so low and behold we got one too. We just had to promise to wear out little shot glass on the necklace next time we came in.  No problem. We stopped at Pedernales Falls Winery next. 
Most of their wines are too dry for us but they had a moscato we wanted to try but the didn't see by the glass so we bought a bottle and sat out on the patio and enjoyed the view. They have one of the best views of the country side.  My picture doesn't do it justice but trust me the weather was beautiful and so was the view.From here we made our last stop at Fiesta Wineries.  No tasting for me. I ordered a glass while Pamela did a tasting.  While there I even learned of a new place to try for food but not for this trip. Has anyone been to Cultures Grill and Bar in Fredericksburg? The guy at the bar said they have the best chicken fried steak. I guess I'll have to wait until next trip.  But it is time to head back to Kerrville and check out a little Italian restaurant there this time.  We had dinner at the Bella Sera Italian restaurant. I'm not saying the food was bad, it just didn't have enough flavor. It was kinda bland. mmm they say folks go to Kerrville in the retirement years to "Wait for Heaven" And as we get older aren't we to eat bland food? NOT ME! I want flavor and spicy. So it was just the restaurant. So ends the day. Back to the hotel we go to watch TV and turn in. Wait maybe we need a dessert! We go to Dairy Queen for their special, buy one blizzard and get one free. YAHOO what a deal. Pamela got one with brownies in it but I got the Reese's peanut butter cup and pieces extreme. YUMOkay now we're done for the day. Until next day and blog..... to be continued.... 

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