Friday, March 4, 2016

My Technology can do anything

Well our technology team is very talented... My Boss Kim the one in brown went home and cut the wood, grabbed several hammers and some nails and we built a couple of pallets in no time. LOL Our service tech/delivery guy needed some pallets to pick up technology equipment at the schools but distribution didn't have any available so hey we got skills. 
I kept all my fingers out of the way but I did help build the first pallet. I can hit a nail square on the head. mmmm so maybe David can trust me to help at the Mini Mansion at the Rockin K.
 No nail guns! I really wanted to try one of those. LOL  You always see the gals on those House crasher shows or flipper shows getting to use them. Maybe next time Kim will bring the big toys to play with. 
And some of us have a little more talent that others...... 
I saved this from my birthday from last year 
when the girls kinda taped off  the entrance to my 
cubical.  Someone thought it a perfect excuse to limbo.  
All I needed was music.

The other day I opened my email and it said you won! I won?! Really? Brooke @ Silly Mama Quilt Blog had a scrap give away and I won. YAY!  Thank you Thank you. 
I very seldom ever win something so this was cool. If you get a chance go check out her blog. She's always making something cute and colorful. Fun stuff.

Me, Samara and Ashley
 Last Friday was Rodeo day and us girls were dressed and ready. All we needed was the horse.  

  Ahh Cassie missed our picture taking session but got in on the boot photo.  Left Mine Top Ashley Right Cassie and Bottom Cassie.
I love my boots and wear them on jean Friday's ever so often and so does Samara. They're so dang comfy.
So I haven't been to the Rockin K in since before December with all that's been going on with my Dad, my Mom and other activities. David has supposedly been dealing with a guy that he hired to put in a small septic system for the mini mansion since before December. The guy many put in about 2 hours of work maybe from the sounds of things and since then he has made excuse after excuse for not showing up or calling. David has called, texted, and emailed I don't know how many times but nothing. Recently he came home and picked up the home phone that we never use and called from it and the guy answered. Ahhh ha! More excuses but promised he'd call David the next morning with a way to resolve the problem. David waited 3 days and nothing. Now the guy said he wanted to be all finished by December 31st which would have been great but didn't happen. David had paid a nice down payment via Mastercard so he called Mastercard asking if there was anything they could do and they said Yes.  David made one more attempt to contact the guy but got no response so at the time we were told not to communicate with the guy anymore. At this time Mastercard has taken the charge off our account and any interest charges and has charge the guy back. I figure the guy will be calling us at any time. Two weeks and nothing so far. So yesterday I go up to the farm with David for the first time in Months and get a surprise.  There's no septic but there is a deck and the starting for the covering for a cover plus an extension off the back of the mini mansion.  David has been up there doing all the work by himself.  The guy wasn't doing a septic but was supposed to be building the deck and cover plus the extension on the back that would be the new bathroom and closet for the mini mansion. I can't believe it. 
Now I see why David has been coming home from the farm bent over with his back killing him. He's been lifting all the boards in place, nailing, digging holes all by himself. It is too cool and it's not even finished. Check it out!

We got the post set for the stair rails yesterday and the header boards the rest the way across the front.
David just hates it wasn't finished before I saw it but it's okay. I love it. We'll get it done a little at a time.
This back extension was to be for a closet and bath. Now he's thinking he may extend it further out. It will all come together in time. He has the vision.  
Lilley was enjoying the deck. 
Then I am enjoying it too in my purple plaid flannel shirt. LOL I've never worn flannel. I had posted on facebook that I am my Dad's kid. His favorite color was purple and he was known to wear a flannel shirt or two in the cooler months. It was really windy which made it rather cool when the sun wasn't out.  I did grab my camera and snap a few pictures of some wild flowers that had popped up. Only I didn't have my glasses and the wind was blowing so most didn't turn out the way 
I wanted so I'll bore you with the ones that did. And maybe a few pictures of Lilley.
Lilley took time to smell the flowers. You can see by her fur how hard the wind was blowing.
Today is her 6th Birthday. Happy Birthday Baby. This is a week of Birthday's for the Kennedy Girls.
 While walking around I found a deer antler. Kinda cool well at least to me.
 Is it time to go home now? LOL Yes Lilley it's about time. You haven't got to nap like you do when we're at home. Too many noises and too much activity to just lay down for long.
 It'll birthday time by next post and we know I do enjoy my birthday. I try not to think about the number just the fact it's another day I get to enjoy breathing and laughing.
Until next blog post...Smile: if you can't lift the corners, let the middle sag."


Linda said...

I loved every word!!! You just spread fun wherever you go!
Your mini mansion is coming into sharp focus!

Handywoman said...

I LOVE the mini mansion!!!!!!!!!