Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Quilting I Went..

Before I went quilting I got to go to a baby shower of a young lady that used to babysit Pamela. Wow and now she's having a baby of her own. She's very pregnant, beautiful and having a little boy.

One of the games we played was placing the sperm on the uterus. Then the Momma to Bee pinned the egg on the uterus. Kinda like pinning the tail on the donkey. LOL The winner was who ever was closest to the egg she pinned on the uterus which happened to be me. I won a cute little wooden box with a saying a a journal. Very funny. Oh and another game we planned was where they dropped an ice cube in your drink then when the ice melts and the baby is free you yell 'My water broke' and you win.
This is Megan the sister who I think help create these games like giving each of us a wash clothe baby and if you lay it down someone else can pick it up. The person with the most babies win. Megan won.  LOL

 Rhonda got some of the cutest gifts like this giraffe. Or like these cute socks in her hospital bag. Love them
This is the cutest family.   Sister Megan  ... Rhonda..... and their mom Joanie...

Lilley (mom) and Sophie( baby)
After the shower I ran home packed the car, grabbed Lilley and headed toward Bryan. Pamela had a trip to Ft Worth planned and I said I'd come up and stay with Sophie for the night. David had gone to the farm on Friday so he was gonna meet me at Pamela's and stay the night with me and the girls. Lilley and Sophia have so much fun together. 
On Sunday I got up helped David with a little bit with few projects he had going and fixed a bite of breakfast. David was surprising Pamela with some shelving in the garage. She was surprised too when she got home Sunday night! Anyway I kissed him and the pups goodbye around 12:45 and headed toward LaGrange for Quilt Retreat. A week of sewing, laughter and friendship.

First stop is Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant in LaGrange for an early dinner and a margarita with the gals before heading out to the Retreat House. What better way to start the week and start catching up with everyone.  And by 6pm we have arrived. This is our 6th quilt retreat....  Let the fun begin.

Okay I'll keep you in suspense for now. But my next post will have a weeks worth of quilting fun with my seamy scrapy friends. The Material Girls.
Until next blog....


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Carla, what a delightful my baby shower. I have never heard of those games. Thanks for the inspiration. About our yard, I do most of the gardening. We have a guy who once in awhile helps out. Thanks for visiting. I hope your Easter was a happy one.

donna said...

Sounds like you have a fun baby shower. Retreat was a blast. It was great seeing everyone.