Tuesday, June 9, 2015

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY at least for while

Well finally we got relief from all the rain. It's a little over a week of no rain but it may start again this week. Awesome.  David finally got to mow at the house but we haven’t been able to mow at the farm. It’s gonna be a jungle by the time we get to. He hopes to go up this Thursday to meet a couple of folks for some quotes on septic and set a meter for city water until we get a chance to test a make sure the well water is safe to drink. While there he hopes he can hook up the bush whacker to the tracker and mow some of the property. 
This is what I was facing trying to drive in the first morning of the heavy rain back on the 26th 


the clearer blue skies is what I faced coming home. While the rain had stopped the creek and the rivers were still coming up. 
This is the main road to get to my house about 4 miles down the road. I was able to hug the inside curb to avoid the high water on my side to get home.  The oncoming traffic had more of an issue since that side is lower.

Then just outside my subdivision there was a truck load of boys having 
some dangerous fun plus the fact that it was at 5pm traffic and cars were trying to navigate thru the water that was flowing quickly across the road.   I pulled into my subdivision turned around so I could pull up to stop and take this video. Look closely at the The white truck coming at ya. It's pulling a boy on a wake board. What they don't realize is somewhere along there, there is a broken of piece of wood with jagged edges under the water.
Back on the 28th I went to my book club meeting where only 5 out of 20 of us made it. But the 5 of us had a blast. Our book was Food..A Love Story by Jim Gaffigon. The gal that picked this book said she wanted a book with no real plot and this one fit the bill. The author is a comedian who tells you his take on food(s). For instance he says most seafood reminds him of insects like spiders or cockroaches. Oh great.  He also felt you shouldn’t trust a skinny food critic and if you think about it that makes sense. Some how after talking about the book our conversation ran a muck or maybe that should read in the muck.  
As I told the folks that didn’t make it for the discussion….What happens at book club stays at book club! Me and this group laughed so hard and long that night.

Then my dishwasher stopped working. This sucks. Remember the old fashioned way of washing dishes. You know in the sink by hand. So much fun…NOT. The repair guy came out and it’s the control panel. Really it’s only been 2 years and 1 month since I bought this one. The last one the control panel caught fire in the middle of the nite. I woke to the sounds of popping and then the flames. That wasn’t so much fun either. So the control panel is almost but not quite the cost of a new one but for now we aren’t in the market for a new dishwasher so we have elected to go ahead and fix it. With any luck they’ll be back this Friday to install. I sure hope so.
We also changed internet providers. We don’t have a big choice in our area yes but our current provider lost their tower contract so they will officially disappear on November 6 but if you ask me they have been gone for the last 90 days. Our service has been almost non-existent. So we went from Clear to AT &T. That didn’t start off real smooth. The day they install everything was great but the next day when we signed in we had a very week signal. Oh great here we go.  But with the help of the Original Tech via text message we were able to get a Tech to come back to help fix the situation after 3 days of trying to work through it with the original tech via email. Apparently we had a bad modem plus needed a WIFI extender. Haven't had a problem since. YAY!
Would you look at this picture of My grandpuppie Sophie has got to be the most spoiled lovable little pup. Pamela took her in to get groomed and they did a photo shoot. She is the cutest little pup well just as cute as her Momma Lilley. My groomers don't do things like this. I need a new groomer. LOL  The groomers get Sophie to pose with no problem.

Had to share a couple of my favorite pictures my sister shared on Facebook from a recent Dance competition. My Tiny Dancer (my niece Emily) I love this picture. The point shoes are my niece and the other are her parents.
Then there's the Father-Daughter dance. My Brother in law is great. Would your husband get on stage like this for his daughter? 

This past Tuesday was Pamela's first walk through at her new home. Everything went great. The biggest problem they encountered was this.
Big Oops!
That's from Pamela falling thru the ceiling in the garage. Luckily she didn't fall all the way to the floor. She had no clue. David has our attic all decked. First lesson of the new home only walk on the studs until the attic is decked. My smart-ass husband looks at the assist superintendent and goes...."Do we put blue tape on this?"
Superintendent: "No, I think I got this"
Poor Pamela was so embarrassed and already starting to bruise. She came on this weekend with her pretty bruises and she was pretty sore. Poor darling but the good part is the house looks good.

This past Wednesday we hit Main Street Crossing to Listen to Jesse Dayton. This is the 2nd time he's played here which is close to the house. He was smokin those guitar strings. He was awesome that night. He played a bunch of new songs along with a couple songs he hadn't sung in a couple years. It was a great night..

Pamela came home Friday so we could get our hair all touched up and then we ran a couple of errands then headed back home to pack up her things in her room that need to go to her new home next week. Okay she hasn't lived at home in over 4 years but packing up made me all weepy. I actually started crying and she looked at me like I was crazy. Which okay I am but now her taking things from her room make it all seem so permanent and real. She'll always come home to visit and in a couple of years we'll be up her way and closer so it's not a big deal but it just hit me kinda weird.

I have been working on another quilt for a friend plus the one for my daughters new guest room. Well I got the quilt back all quilted so I was on the home stretch then when I laid it across the bed I realized I had totally screwed up. I had not made the quilt wide enough for a queen bed. CRAP CRAP CRAP. Tears more cussing then more tears. How can I and How do I fix this???? More cussing.  Well after many calls and discussions I went to a friend to buy some Tshirt backing to make a Tshirt quilt and she solved my problem so this week I will be fixing Pamela's quilt so I can hopefully have it ready for the bed next Friday. Cross your fingers and say a quilty prayer.

Until next blog post....Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way. ~Dr Seuss


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I'm not missing the rain either, but I think we are getting it again this weekend.

Handywoman said...

We had tons of rain too....glad that is over at least for now. Your granddoggie picture is awesome. Most of all I'm glad you find time to quilt and have some time with your sewing machine!

Art and Sand said...

I am glad you survived the rain. My daughter had to go to Dallas on business. She was supposed to land about 7 pm Dallas time, but didn't get to her hotel room until 2:30 a.m. Then flying home, the plane was late taking off and she missed her connection getting back to California and to her future sister-in_law's bachelorette.