Friday, May 29, 2015


Three weeks ago I barely had ankles and my feet were so swollen I wasn't able to wear my regular work shoes.

Finally after 3 1/2 weeks I can finally see my ankles. Well I see that I have ankles and I can get my regular shoes on. The swelling went from the tip of my toes all up my legs. I was rather miserable but much better now.

Not sure what was happening but the doctor changed up a couple of my meds and removed 2 others an viola I have ankles and 10 little piggy's again.

Last week when I opened facebook one morning I saw a post from my little sister. I looked at the picture and thought "huh" then realized who the dogs belonged to and the front porch...
How exciting My Nephew and his sweet bride of 2 years announced they are having a baby. I know my little sister is probably as excited as can be to be a Grandma again.

We've been teasing my nephew Jeremiah for over a year now about needing a baby in that new home. I mean the boy would turn white as a ghost with fear at the thoughts or mention of a baby. LOL It wasn't that he didn't want babies but the idea of it scared him plus the fact that twins run in Melissa's family.
I guess he's gonna face that fear head on now. Congratulations to my Niece and Nephew in Missouri.

With all this rain everything is soggy that we can mow up at the farm and David was able to get a few swipes at the yard at home. The rain just won't stop. At this time I'd say we have 1000's of frogs. Mmm anyone up for fried frog legs.  Can you see their little green heads.
Things got pretty serious Memorial Day weekend with flooding in the hill country and has since moved on down this way. No one is exempt.
Some one posted on facebook last week that it started raining the day the Blue Bell Creamery closed and God is crying.  We are in trouble if that's it. We need to help him find a substitute quick.

We made it up to the Rocking K Farm in between rain storms the Saturday before Memorial Day. We had to stop in Bryan @ Lowes so I could run in and order Pamela's washer and dryer for the new house she's buying next month. They were having a big sale and no tax but she was working so I went and got her taken care of. Had to order them from the store they'll ship from.
We couldn't do much at the farm with everything being soggy but David was able to take care of some spraying, tractor tire that has leak, etc. While he was doing manly things I grabbed my camera to snap some pictures of the landscape.
At the front entrance on both sides the previous owner planted vitex bushes. They were just beginning to bud out the last time we were at the farm but they are now big, green and in full bloom. 
I went in for a close up and ran across this guy.  Not my favorite of insects by no means but he was busy and paid me no attention which was fine with me.
And next to the vitex are the cactus that David and I were considering removing since we're not fond of thorny cactus but they were blooming this time and they are really pretty. Plus they fit the decor. We'll see what we decide as time goes on. I mean David loves his landscaping. The entrance needs to be cleaned up now but it's got a good start.  And since we haven't been able to mow the wild flowers along the outside fence line are really pretty so I guess it's okay that we can't mow but we need too eventually.
 And there is this huge Pecan tree at the front of the property. Looks to be a native pecan. We found some on the ground when we were first looking at the property. Crossing my fingers we'll have a bunch of pecans next year.
If it really is a native pecan then those are the kind that the candy stores love so they should be tasty.... or at least I hope so.

And I'll end with our sweet baby girls. Sophie the one on the left is Pamela's and the one on the right is Lilley, mine and David's. She's Sophie's Mom. They're so cute together, They're waiting on a treat. Spoiled little girls.

So until next blog.....'Map out your future, but do it in pencil.' ~Jon Bon Jovi


Jeanette Sumruld said...

Oh my gosh! That must have been so painful! So happy you are better now. I love your vitex bushes and all the beautiful plants at your farm. We sure do need our Blue Bell back 'cause I'm just about done with all this rain!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So glad your foot is better!!

Betty Baker said...

Did you ever figure out what was causing the swelling? Guess time heals most everything.

I've noticed a lot of cactus with their yellow blooms lately. Think that is the only time I would want them around. In Tulsa, we would dig up any cactus we found and throw them in one pile. They were so hardy they would grow and bloom. Best to keep the pokey parts away from where you spend any time outdoors.

Bet you can't wait til you are at the farm full time. Can't believe we've been on our two acres for 2.5 years now. While we have crossed a lot of things off of the Big list. There are still lots more things to do.

Handywoman said...

Glad your foot is getting better! and I think there might be a quilt in your near future to make. :) Awesome