Sunday, May 10, 2015

Recoup and Regroup

I think I needed to recuperate from my trip with Pamela to Fredericksburg. I finally picked up a bottle of wine and opened it and had a glass or two. Mmmmmmm in fact I might have to have a glass tonight. Life has been semi quiet around here. Besides it is raining every time we turned around. We were beginning to get pretty soggy around here.
The last weekend in April on a Saturday me and my friend Denise went to Plantersville to a quilt show in St Mary's Catholic Church. First let me tell you the church and the grounds were beautiful. The land it sit's on was bought 1894 for a big whopping $30.00. WOW I wish I could have bought land for that. The church had it's first baptismal in July and it's first wedding in August of 1894. 

And in 1917 it was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt shortly without incurring  any debt to the church we entered that day. Sounds amazing.

The quilts were a draped over the the church pews front to back with a few quilts around the alter. And in the fellowship hall they had several vendors from all over. While standing in line one of the ladies said that the day before they had 600 people come through. The show was free but they accepted donations. I think pretty much everyone in line around us put in the donation jar. There were quilts of all kinds and colors. Of course my eye went to the Aggie quilt and the western motif quilts but
 I love them all. 

My few pictures don't do it justice but I'll share what I have.

Denise and I met up Jane another fellow quilt retreater and friend.

We've been to the Rocking K Farm to see if we could mow Sunday 2 weeks ago and again a week ago Saturday. David actually turned the mowing over to me. I could drive the zero turn mower fine up and down the road that was flat and smooth but the first time he turned me loose in the grass.... the look on his face was hilarious. Them I couldn't stop laughing because I had no control. As soon as I hit a bump my hands started going spastic. Going straight was not an option for the first 5 feet. I went right I went left and I went in circles. Oh crap I'm in trouble. LOL. I got the controls back together and pulled back to stop. Whew! Okay lets try this again. I started slowly this time and while I didn't go straight it was better. I was going kinda wavy. No circles thank goodness. After 15-20 minutes I had mastered sorta the zero turn mower. It was actually pretty funny.   I like mowing but I was worried about the sun. I am very fair and burn easily which then causes new problems. Me and the sun don't always get along. Low and behold I bought this PF30 spray on sun screen and I didn't even turn pink! YAHOO. I have to go buy more of that stuff.  
Pamela came up to visit. She took me to find a potty since we don't have one on the properety and find food. Sigh of relief. We came back with food and once we finished David took us down the hill for some shooting lessons with the 357 magnum but not without ear muffs. The last time we went deaf when David made the first shot. He of course shot once and hit the can. My first 3 shots went somewhere in the big mound of dirt then finally my next couple of shots with guidance I hit right next to the can. I'm getting better. Practice Practice practice. Pamela never got close but I'm sure with more practice she'll get there. 
Next we went for a 4 wheeler ride and she wanted to drive so with a little help she got it. We had a plenty of fun. And yes we were careful.... no jumping hills or fast turns.

On Wednesday the 29th I went to a track meet to cheer on my co-worker Samara's daughter Adelynn.
She's in 8th grade and made it to districts. She had her own personal cheering squad. 
Me, Ashley another co-worker and her baby girl, grandparents, aunts and mom
That day she was running the Mile and 1/2. 
She looked so graceful and fluid as she ran around that track. She seemed so calm and focused as she ran. I was really impressed. 
She came in 5th but she beat her personal best by like 3or 5 seconds. The next day she ran the mile and beat the school record. Way to GO Adelynn! Check out the muscle definition as she runs. Then look at the girl in the red uniform. See her eyes watching Adelynn on her heels.
That was my first track meet ever. My daughter did swimming and water polo and my nieces did volleyball and dance. And the boys did football.
This past Tuesday David was invited by his company vendor to a dinner for engineers. This will be our 4th time we've been invited. The dinner is held during the Offshore Convention each year. We've been to restaurants we probably would have never gone to on our own. All of them have been very very nice and delicious.  This year we went to The Bird and The Bear down Westheimer. The restaurant was closed to the public. That was pretty cool. We really enjoyed ourselves and the people present. It was a great evening. And top it off it was Cinco de Mayo so we had to walk next door for a margarita so David thought. We finally got home at 12:20. The 5:20am alarm came awfully fast...too fast.
Tuesday I got and email that one of our favorite Texas Rockabilly singers was gonna be at Puffabelly's on Wednesday in Spring. Oh Man no fair we already have tickets to go listen to another band in Tomball. We contemplated skipping out and going to Puff's but 2 things well three things wrong with that
#1 we like the band we were going to see #2 the tickets were already bought and #3 we were too pooped to drive 27 miles verses 8. Hated missing Jesse and Davin but Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys put on a great show. And the best part was we were home and in bed by 10:20pm. ahhhhh zzzzzz
Last fall David planted 2 peach trees for Pamela. They were both covered in beautiful blooms in March 

And in Mid to late April we have little peaches growing. How exciting

 The roses at the back of the garage are growing like crazy. The bushes totally hide the trailer pad and stand about 5' tall.

 And here's our Lilley girl. She's such a sweet heart. She loves being outside when David is out there working in the yard or garage.

Oh and I learned that Thursday night in my home town that my nephew Zachariah announced the winner of the FFA scholarship that my sisters set up in their Mom's, my late Stepmother's name honoring her life and all the good she did for the community after her passing in July 2014. The winner was Emily Torrey a young lady from the community. I think Carolyn would be pleased with the winner. 

Oh and look what I spy. Tomatoes on the vine. I think I counted 5 on this one so far and just about as many on the other vine.

Well that's it for now.
Until Next Blog...“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that’s all”
- Oscar Wilde

PS: Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day.  I did!

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Linda said...

Oh, Carla!!! I totally enjoyed reading every single word of this post!!
You are such a fun gal and so entertaining! Great pics and I feel like I was right there with you!
We are still down on the ranch and there is no way to get out right now. More rain in forecast and we just may be here longer than we planned.
Oh, well. We have books, coffee, wine and food. I am all about loving what I've got!!!
Happy Monday to you and I hope you have a great week!!