Monday, June 29, 2015

A New Mission

Through out the years of our marriage there has always been a mission of some kind for us. David's mom thought it was hilarious. We'd be heading out the door and Thelma would ask where we were off to and I would turn and say "A Mission". I'd ask her to come with us and she'd just laugh and say "I think I'll pass". She had a great laugh. David's mom lived with us for 7 years before she passed. Miss her everyday. We've been on mission for cars, race cars, tile flooring, trailers, wood flooring, counter top material, homes and landscaping. Why do we call it a mission? Well we don't just look at say 10 or 15 samples oh no that's not enough. We must have lots of options. LOL  We looked at enough floor tile that we had enough samples for a whole room. Our mission for land had us traipsing all over looking for the one that made us say "This is it" After over 300 propertieswe found the One. 
Which lead to us to a mission for a tractor, a bushwhacker, and a 4 wheeler. Now we're on a hunt for a place to stay over nite or longer on the farm until we can build a permanent home. Oh and the biggest thing is a bathroom. Closest one to the farm is nature but not much cover or drive 5 miles down the road. We've looked at RV's, mobile homes and small cabins are on the list. We're discussing a plan and time line of how all this is gonna work.  David loves Missions. And the best deal for the buck.
It's always an adventure around our house.
With all this rain it's driving all kinds of things out of the ground like frogs. I went outside with Lilley to see if I could get her to take a potty break before bed you could hear all the frogs. I looked over to the pad David had poured to store the trailer on and I counted over 18 frogs of all sizes. 
The next morning when I went out with Lilley I saw something rather large crawling across the grass. I was curious so I walked a little closer and this is what I saw. A mud bug. Darn thing's tail was bigger than my thumb. mmm made me want so spicy crawfish.

This weekend I thought I'd find time to take some pictures of Pamela's new place but that didn't happen. We went back up on Saturday to help some more. While David and Pamela hung pictures and curtains I proceeded to open some more boxes and put things away. Pamela had made a pretty good dent in the boxes but I was able to put 4 more away for her. After that I go busy and set up my sewing machine and sewed up a dust ruffle for her guest room for the new quilt that I'm in process of fixing. Thanks to Mandy and Nancy at Quilters Crossing for helping me pick the perfect coordinating color for the dust ruffle so I'd have something to even sew. I took the quilt top up to show Pamela my fix and she was very happy with it. Winner! now to just finish it. 
Oh and the reason I didn't get any pictures.... well this wonderful photographer, NOT so much let the battery go down and my spare battery was in my purse at home. Good place for it don't you think? Then I had this other obstacle called Pamela. She didn't want me to take pictures of it at this stage so it was just as well that my battery was dead.

Today is a short and sweet blog post.
Until next post...Life is a patchwork of memories.

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Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carla, whenever we saw the kids running someplace like they were obsessed, we always said they were on a mission! The quilt and bedskirt for Pamela sounds delightful and I can't wait until you are able to show it. I'm with Pamela, I hate to show anything until it's done, but occasionally I have to..Happy Wednesday..Judy