Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Turn of Events

August has just flown by it seems.
Now I've worked all summer but the Teachers and various support staff returned last week and the Kids return this past Monday. OH MY. Traffic patterns have changed. Before leaving the house I heard a wreck had been cleared on the freeway but it was backed up still so I took the back way. Now this summer I changed my hours from going in between 7:30-7:45 to 6:30-6:45am which means I get off earlier. 
Well now that school is back in session means I have to deal with the buses. I guess the bus I was behind this morning was early so he sat and sat and sat. Like 5-6 minutes with his flashers on.. There were no kids anywhere in site. Finally the bus turned off the flashers and pulled over to the side so cars could pass.  Next 3 corners I passed had 15-20 kids waiting probably for that bus. I think I need to adjust my hours a little more so I can avoid the buses. 
Now if I can only get my lazy butt out of bed to make that change. Chickens aren't even up at that time. There's something wrong with this picture. I shouldn't be up before the chickens.

Last Thursday David saw a new band (for us) was playing at Main Street Crossing called The Resin Valley Boys and asked if I wanted to go. Of course I said sure. The band name should say plus Girl. LOL. 
The fiddle player was a girl. Well excuse me to be correct she was a viola player. LOL. I was talking to her at the end of the show and she told me she was playing a viola actually. She said she was different in school and hasn't changed much.  So you ask what's the difference between a viola, fiddle and violin? Well let me tell you... A viola is larger than a violin and is turned differently. It's a fifth lower than a violin. A fiddle is just an informal name for a violin. You musical instrument lesson for the day. They sounded like Hank William's Senior and older country western type music. They sounded real good. We'll try to catch them again.
I'm not a wine expert by no means and don't care to be because just drink what my taste buds enjoy. And that night it was White Zinfandel  A whole bottle for me all by myself.  It was cheaper for me to buy the bottle than by the glass. I'm not complaining.

Saturday we finally caught a rain cloud. Well it blew in.  It lasted a whole 8 minutes. Woo whooooo but the grass must have enjoyed it because actually lookedngreener the next day 

I actually worked in my office/sewing room all this past weekend. Everything is/was in the floor so I cleared some space on a shelf. Once we find a bookcase for the guest room more will clear off once I get . Then I should be in great shape. 
Didn't feel good last night so didn't accomplish anything but dinner and bed. Then this morning David wasn't feeling well. We have things happening this week starting tomorrow so we don't have time to be sick. But then again we might have to hold those events. David came home with 101.5 fever. 

I guess I'll close for now.
Until next blog...'Be yourself. Who else is better qualified.' ~FJ Giblin~


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Deb and Mandy said...

I didn't know that about a viola/violin. Interesting. Hope your morning commute gets sorted out!