Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kinda Quiet... I said Kinda

Well it has been kinda quiet around here since my last post. What's up with that?  LOL
Summer is the busiest time of year for me because while the teachers are off I'm busy getting new equipment or replacing the old by tagging, creating spread sheets, etc. The boss even gave me a credit card to go buy required technology equipment for the schools. That was stressful. I was worried about ordering the right projector or camera etc...  We're talking lots of equipment to over 80 campus's.  Plus we have a new elementary school opening open. The principal and teachers are there now prepping for the influx of kids on the 26th.. Summer is winding down. I remember those first days of school when I was the assistant principals secretary. Whew.
My last 10 hour work day was on August 8th only I wasn't there. I took the day off for my Mom's birthday and I have been scolded for not taking pictures. Anyway it's always bitter sweet when the last 10 hour day rolls around because at first you're HAPPY that you don't have to work 4- long 10 hour days but then you sigh because you don't get Fridays off any more. Who doesn't like a 3 day holiday?
Oh happy days....I went to the doctor.. he was happy with my weight loss and most of all WE'RE both happy with my A1C number (for those who don't know that's the 3 month average of your blood sugars) It was 6.2 and anything under a 7 is normal. Mine was kinda out of whack prior. I won't mention that number but 6.2 was a big drop from 3 months ago. But that doesn't mean I get to stop these lovely meds he has me on or the shots I give myself daily. Not insulin but something that doesn't tend to let me eat some things with out causing pain or illness and it has changed my taste buds. Meat texture has changed and I love a good steak but now I'm good with about 5 bites and I'm down.  It's more fruits and veggies for me to be on the safe side. Now that doesn't mean I don't eat my Mexican food. That still tastes good. Thank goodness.
I'll be glad when I lose enough weight and my blood sugar levels stay down so I can stop some of the meds. They don't exactly make me feel real good. Most days I feel kinda woozy and almost nauseous plus my body has been so use to the higher blood sugar levels that it's a like WHOA what's happening. The side effects of the meds are nausea,  dizziness, fatigue etc. Making me sometimes just a big BLAH. 
Now the only thing that hasn't changed is the damn blood pressure. I can get maybe an excellent BP reading once a month but 95% of the time it's been running somewhere around 150's/80's. I told the doctor if he didn't stop giving me new additional meds I was gonna need a suit case to case the meds. This time instead of adding another med he increased the dosage. Yippee.

Went to go look at some wood flooring for the den last Saturday. Waiting for another sample board before we make a final decision of any kind. In the mean time we brought 3 other sample boards home to lay on the floor to check out our options. We'll see. 

As we were driving home David asked where I got my brown boots and how about we go look for some for him. Sounded good to me so down the road we went to Outback Western Wear. So while David was looking and trying on boots I had to look too I mean they were having a boot sale and who can pass up a good sale right? 
David finds him a new pair of boots. He hasn't wore boots in years but now I've got my cowboy back now. And weeeelll I kinda found a pair of boots I liked too. In fact I liked them the first time I was there but they weren't on sale and kinda out of my price range but with the sale they fit my budget and my feet just right. With the little weight I have lost my other boots actually feel a little big. 
Check out our new boots...

New boots've got to break them in and we did just that last Saturday night.
David and I went to Tin Hall to listen to yet another new band for us. The lead singer Wade Smith actually works with David. Tin Hall (click on for more info) used to be the place to go if you were a Kicker also known as a country western lover of boots, horses and music back when I was in high school. Now it's more of a special events kind of center but they do have public dances ever so often and this past Saturday was one of them.. Our friends the Harper's joined us while we listened to Wade Smith and Driftwood. We even danced to break in those new boots. The boots worked well but I had forgotten how to dance it had been so long. David had to keep me in line. Oops
If you click on the band's name you can sample some of his music if you like. 
Today was our big Convocation for the district. Our guest speaker was Jamie Vollmer from Iowa and is a pubic education advocate. He didn't start out as one but after a speaking engagement at a school in Iowa I think to tell them the teachers they were the problem and along with the system when during Q & A a teacher spoke up that made him re-evaluate his attitude.. Then he was invited to a school in Mississippi not to speak because they already knew his attitude toward teachers but to spend the day in their shoes. He spent spent 3 hours with 3rd graders, went to lunch in the teachers lounge shoveled down his food while cutting pumpkins or something, then he had recess duty and finally spent the rest of the day with 8th graders. I have to admit I may have had the a simular sort of attitude he did and then I went to work for a school district. He started thinking and very slowly he changed his attitude and now he's an advocate. He was entertaining and made a lot of good points. Like the schools can't do it on their own. The community and the educators need to come together. Sounds like a song huh? "Come together right now"  I won't say there's not some teachers who shouldn't be teaching but 99% of them are there for your students to give them a chance at an education. Support your educators. Stay Positive!

Lots of adventures coming up next week•´´¯`•.¸¸.•.♫•¯`•.¸¸.•.♪♫•*

Well until next blog....“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”
J.K. Rowling~


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