Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is There a Nurse in the house?

Well, technically not yet but we're close. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! Did you ever watch The Ren and Stimpy cartoon? Probably not but they used to sing it on the cartoon when they were obviously Happy and I’m Happy so I sing.
I’m Happy and Proud. 

On Friday May 11th David and I headed to Bryan, TX for the Nursing School Pinning Ceremony. We had to be there early for the rehearsal. Pamela asked her dad to do the honors of pinning her. I was the photographer. Fine by me. I’d hate to trip or fall down the stairs but then I’d be in good hands with 60+ nursing grads. Our daughter graduated from Nursing School and as long as she passes the State Board test in June then she’ll be a real Registered Nurse. She already has her BS in Health from Texas A&M. Now all she needs is a job. She’s so excited to start this new phase in her life and her dad and I are just as excited for plenty of reasons.  I mean once she gets that first pay check we get araise for one reason. LOL

She can take over her own expenses. Her Dad and I will be doing the happy dance when that happens. We gave her a budget while she was in school and she lived within that budget and she worked during the summer and holidays to cover anything over or stuff not covered in her budget. David already set up some budget spread sheets for her once she gets that job. Pamela is finding them helpful when thinking about apartment rent or even a home loan in the future.

Pamela loved nursing school. She was in her element. I’m not saying she didn’t have her moments where she felt defeated and ready to quit because she did. Pamela proved one particular professor wrong via grades and actions that she (Pamela) was going to be a nurse and a good one.
Here I’ll say thanks to my sister Jerri Lynn who is also a nurse for giving Pamela a pep talk and encouraged Pamela to not let one professor determine her future. Suck it up and move on and learn from this experience. And Pamela did.

After the pinning rehearsal at 10:30 the Graduate Nurses of 2012 provided a yummy
luncheon of tacos and all the fixings. For dessert there was cake. Mmmm Yum! 

The actual ceremony didn't start until 6:30pm. We went back to Pam's apartment to chill and anxiously await for the closing of this chapter.

Snapped a few pictures pre-ceremony.

This is Pamela with her roommate and fellow nursing student Spencer.

This one chair was left empty except for the vase of flowers in honor of Stephanie Sanders. In November 2011, Stephanie a fellow student nurse at the age of 43 passed away suddenly one evening after class. Unbeknownst to the family Stephanie had a heart issue.

She was loved by my daughter and other student nurses who were lucky enough to get to know her and call her friend. Their favorite topic was of course nursing but after that Stephanie’s good looking son might have been another. Her son was Emmanuel Sanders #88 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

The class officers had a special moment to honor and commemorate how Stephanie affected the class of 2012. They presented her family with the flowers and the Nursing pin that Stephanie would have received.

It was very moving moment when Stephanie's Mother and daughter received the pin, flowers and a hug.
Pamela as class secretary stood up to give Thanks to the community, family and friends for their support over the last two years.
It was all very emotional when I think about. The loss of a classmate and Our Baby is ready to move on and start the new phase of her life. Our work is done to a degree. We’ve nurtured, guided, supported and dearly loved Pamela from the moment she entered into this world. She either listened or she didn’t. I know she listened.
Dad was a little nervous but teased Pam while pinning her and acting like he poked his finger with the pin. But when he got it pinned he was one proud papa!

At the end of the ceremony the Graduate Nurses holding their lamps and repeating the Nurses Creed. Can you tell by the smile on Pamela's face how happy she is?

After the ceremony that evening we went to dinner at Olive Garden.
One of Pamela’s favorite places to go. She and I shared a pitcher of Sangria.

Pamela came home on Saturday so we could do a couple of errands but then we headed to the annual crawfish boil at our friends house. I had my camera all ready to carry with me so I could take pictures but what do I do? I jump in the car and not until we get to the crawfish boil do I realize my camera is still sitting on the kitchen table. Bummer. I wanted to take a picture of me peeling a crawfish for my friend and fellow blogger and title it “This one is for you Linda”. LOL. A couple of years ago when she attended she had never ate crawfish so I peeled her first crawfish. Of course I’d have to peel one more for another picture along with my glass of rum punch for her daughter Amber (and Mike) who’s been in the hospital for the last 5 weeks for those quadruplets to be born.  Amber has been having quite a few contractions this past week but the doctors continue to increase her meds hoping to hold off the birth for another week or two. She’ll be at 29 weeks this Saturday. The crawfish were spicy and tasty. 
Sunday was Mother’s Day so we met up with my Mom and Joe at Harris County BBQ in
 Tomball for breakfast. They have some really good food! Breakfast, Lunch or dinner it’s all good.  Again I forgot my camera. How do I do that? Grrr of course the daughter was happy. She hates as a general rule having her picture taken.
So I didn't get a good picture Pam, my mom and I like usual.  
After breakfast we all go our separate ways. David had told me Mother’s Day would be a “Honey Do Day”. For a while we sat out of the patio enjoying the weather and snapped a few photos then it was time to go inside.

David proceeded to hang some things I wanted in my sewing room and then we moved on to the guest room, then the kitchen and den. It all takes time but we did get a few things hung on the walls. I need a couple more of those “Honey Do Days” so we can get more pictures hung and off the floor or out of boxes from the move. Dang time flies when you’re having fun… It will be a year in July when we moved in.

This was one of the best Mother’s Day
Weekends ever. Hope yours was too.

So until my next blog……God could not be everywhere so he created Mother’s ~Jewish Proverb~


Linda Chapman said...

WOW!! Thanks for such a great catch up post and congratulations to your awesome daughter.
I simply CANNOT believe it will soon be a YEAR since y'allmoved in!!! Unbelieveable!

Amber is still hanging in there.
She is so exhausted and I am SO ready to see her deliver just because it hurst my heart to see how miserable she is. But she is brave and keeps chugging along. That's a MOTHER for you, huh??

southernscraps said...

Congrats to your daughter!

Gayle said...

I'm a nurse and I know it is not a small thing to graduate from nursing school. I always considered myself fairly smart till I hit nursing school, so congratulations to the new nurses!
Gayle from Behind the Gate

TexWisGirl said...

congrats to your daughter!

your blog opened w/o any issue today! :)

Jeanette said...

Congratulations! I know how proud you must be.