Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm bad. I know. I've neglected my blog for several weeks but I just haven't had much to write and to be honest just didn't feel like it but I'm Back. Ready or not here I am.
So where do I begin.  Hmmmm
Okay first I'll tell you 99% of the concrete work is done. Best part is the driveway is done. It is so great and easy to jockey cars around. My mother figures it's big  enough to land a plane on. LOL. Well not quite that big. They've framed up a small pad at the end of the driveway area for us to put our garbage cans on so when we set them out on garbage day they hopefully won't roll into the ditch. Haven't been told when they'll be back to pour that small pad but the best part for me is done. YAHOO!
We went from this ... No side walk to a nice concrete sidewalk. 
Then from a cracked, pitted and narrow driveway with potholes
to this wider smoother driveway. 
Then in the back we went from a porch only to a patio with a covered patio,

and a side walk from the patio to around the side of the house, a 10x14 pad instead of just a step to get to the fenced trash can area and gives David a place for his smoker. This picture was taken obviously while the forms were still on it but you get the idea.
And while they were at it David had them pour a partial drive off the new 4th car addition and
 a pad next to the addition for his trailer that in time will be hidden by landscaping. Next year David hopes to have a garden spot ready just off the trailer pad. I can almost taste the tomatoes now. I'm gonna miss them this year. I guess I'll have to rely on Joe (stepfather) who has his garden in.
It's killing David not to have landscaping. I keep telling him in time, in time.

A couple of weeks ago when my mom came down to check out the new drive way and patio I corrupted her. What can I say it's just happens. If you sit on the patio/porch an adult beverage just magically appears in your hand. Mom and her little pup Lola came down and we were sitting on the patio and this wine glass just appeared in her hand. LOL.
I had been telling mom about this chocolate wine from that I bought from HEB. It's called Chocovine with Expresso. She kept asking me for the name so she could go get a bottle to try.
So now she's tried it and she likes it. Tastes like a Mudslide or a White Russian. It's so rich you can only drink one glass and with the espresso you get a real jolt.

This post is definitely gonna be hodge podge of rantings and ravings. I have to live up to my blog title right?
I know I've mentioned Mike and Amber before but I have to tell you about my friends
 who are getting ready to become 1st time parents. So you're asking what's the big deal we all have friends or family members having babies but if you missed an earlier blog I you don't know but this sweet couple got the shock of their lives when they were told they were having quadruplets.
Yep That's 4 bundles of joy all at once folks. My one baby was a handful, I can't imagine four but a person does want they have to.  Amber the Momma- 2 -Bee is a real trooper. 

This past Saturday Little Momma hit 27 weeks. Just 7 more days to the target goal but if at all possible she'll hang in there 7 more and 7 more if she can. It's one day at a time now..  It's amazing how the body skin stretches to accommodate the four growing little bundles. Just read her latest post and each of the babies are 2 or more pounds. That's so awesome.
My daughter and I went to visit her a week ago and once we got to the right floor and wing it was no problem finding the room. The door was decorated. 

One little darling shoved his/her head out and made a large round bump on Amber's stomach. I have to share a couple of pictures of her at various stages. Amber is carrying 3 girls and one a boy, all pushing and shoving on mom trying to find some space under a rib on the bladder you name it. Mike the dad 2 Bee told me that sometimes Amber's belly looks square when the babies get to moving around.

  She looks about 5 months here not 12 weeks.
Amber is just the cutest little Momma 2 Bee

At 27 weeks along she the same as a 40 week single birth. 

Thanks to technology Amber is able to share with friends and family pictures of the babies and pregnancy journey on her blog. Amber is quite the writer.
Can't take credit for these cute pictures of Amber. Her mom or hubby took them I believe.

Well that about covers everything prior to this weekend's events which will be another post of it's own after I get the pictures loaded. Can't wait to share all the excitement.


Linda Chapman said...

Glad to see a new post!!! Your house looks amazing!!

The little penguins are lined up and watch us from their spot in Amber's room everyday! Bet they will be a hit with the babies!

Jeanette said...

My Mom's cousin introduced us to Chocovine - It is sinful but oh so good.

sgw123 said...

Glad you're back! Sitting on the porch w/ a glass of wine sure agrees with Ev, she looks great!

bj said...

I believe Amber is the daughter of Linda...if so, I've been following along thru this amazing blessing.
Thanks for coming by..come back and get in on my giveaway.:)
Your mama is adorable....:)

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Carla, the house is looking wonderful. It's so funny how the room I am finishing up looks so much like I envisioned yet is so different than I envisioned. Does that make sense? It kind of evolved as it went, but it has the overall look and feel that I wanted. Actually even better, so I'm a happy camper!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

Jeanette said...

Carla, I checked off the box that says show email address. Let me know if you can see it now. I REALLY, REALLY appreciate the help!

Jeanette :)

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal reader for sometime now, this will probably be my first comment. I thought it was eventually time. Thanks