Monday, April 9, 2012

Leave it to me

Good grief. What was I thinking? On my last post I had a problem with blogger freezing up and when I restarted it some of my paragraphs moved around on their own so when I tried retyping some of the info I either left out words, added extra words in the sentences or used wrong words. Like "Britt and Scottie brought us a house warming gift which they should have" which should have read "they SHOULDN'T have. Good grief. There were other minor boo boos but I won't point them all out since I'm sure you found them. I know the hubby did and here I didn't even think he took time to read my blog. Surprise.

Remember in my last post where I bragged on my niece Emily, Ole Twinkle Toes. Well Here is another picture that really captured my attention. I love how it captured her in air.  Okay so I've showed her graceful and beautiful side...................................................................................................

Now let me show you the every day side on the farm in Missouri. LOL. The little guy in the back is my nephew Josiah.   
I had to laugh when I saw this picture.
Meet Fajita. He wanted to play so head butted Emily. Surprise. LOL 
How do you like that name? I mean really?! They named the poor thing Fajita.. isn't that kinda like rubbing it in his face what the future holds? LOL.            
They at least named the smaller calf Daisy.
Last Tuesday night I went to the Tri County Quilt Guild meeting. We had the most awesome speaker. Edyta Sitar presented her program called "Reasons for Quilting."  You can see some of her work Here.
She entertained us, shared stories and through her stories she showed us her Reasons (and love) for Quilting.

Her husband who normally doesn't travel with her played Vanna and held up each quilt as Edyta weaved her story. She was such a delight. 

Edyta's own children are growing up so she couldn't pass at the chance to hold this little cutie pie of one of our newest members. 

I hear Edyta's workshop on Wednesday was just as delightful. She's based out of Michigan, but if you get a chance to hear her speak don't miss it. You won't be disappointed.
When I got home last Wednesday, guess what I found??? A sidewalk to the front door!! So exciting. A real sidewalk instead of flagstones just tossed on the ground or crushed granite. I have to wait a couple of days to use it, but it's really there. They also poured another small section of driveway.

The little trench and the red paint line is how much wider the narrower part of the driveway will be.
They came on Saturday to tear out all be the entry of the old driveway and will pour concrete on Tuesday. Construction zone will be over soon. Can't wait. I'm told that there will be one more pad of concrete poured in the back for the small trailer we have and maybe another step off the 10x14 area off the patio. It's a pretty big step down so a transition step may be needed.


sgw123 said...

I saw your "like they should have" comment and got a chuckle out of it, but I knew what you meant!
Looks like your driveway & sidewalk are coming along nicely!

Linda Chapman said...

LOVE that sidewalk! Know you do, TOO!!

Diane said...

Did you do a Grauman's Chinese Theater deal in the wet concrete??

Deb said...

I think fajita is a perfect name for a calf:)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love that dance photo! Wow free as the wind.

bj said...

I just LOVE new sidewalks and drives. :)
We need a new driveway and sidewalks around our place soooo bad. said...

Thanks for the kind comment! The cow at our barn is a Black Angus named Brownie...Fajita is kind of got have a name especially when there is just one in the pasture with a bunch of horses! LOL Thanks for stopping by Real Southern Living!