Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm little behind

When I say I'm a little behind I mean in everything from reading to sewing to taxes. I wanted to be done with my quilt and taxes a week ago and that didn't happen so now my goal was this past week end. I succeeded.  Our taxes are done all that's left is the writing of the lousy check. Unfortunately the quilt is short a backing, binding, and some actual quilting.

My reading of books and blogs has been a low priority. I'm hoping all that changes now along with my quilting schedule. At this rate the babies will be a year old  before I'm done.

I recently went to my book club meeting to discuss 2 books but I couldn't contribute much this time since I had only read halfway through both books. I don't know what's the matter with me besides working on the taxes but it just seems that I've been so sleepy once I get home from work that I'm lucky I don't fall asleep and fall face first in my plate. Wouldn't that be pretty?

The first book we they reviewed was The Ninth Wife by Amy Stolls. The title tells it all or does it? Why do you get married, why do some throw it away so fast, why do some stay in a married.... why why why. What woman in her right mind would consider marrying a man who has been married 8 times prior? I guess you'll have to read the book to find out and so will I. One or two girls actually said the character Rory charmed them and said they would have married him and been his 9th wife too. I need to finish the book now so I can see why this guy is such a catch or is he?  LOL We were suppose to review this book back in February but unfortunately Kathy, the gal who chose the book was getting ready to have surgery and we decided to wait and combine this book with the next book hoping Kathy would be well enough to join us but unfortunately she wasn't. Some of the group claimed they are suckers for romance and thought this book was more realistic than some of the romance stories we've happened to read.  Our group would recommend reading.

The second book we they reviewed was Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. How long does it take to totally shatter the lives of the people in the small town of Sterling, NH? This book I finished the day after the meeting. I mean I had too. There was a twist that I didn't expect and I had to find out how that happened. This book is something you read or hear about in the news but pray to God it never hits near home. Towards the end of the book a character in the book asked this question "What is your strongest memory of high school? 1/2 of us won't remember anything concrete and the other 1/2 will block it because it was too painful or embarrassing."  Don't want to give away the story line so I guess again you'll have to read this book to find out. The book too is worth reading.

Kris had a great meeting turn out. And Kathy too even though she herself was unable to join us. Half of us in this picture have been together for 15 years. Such a group of friends. 

Holy Cow have you noticed the size of the mosquito's? They're as big as a dime! No really. We hadn't had a problem with mosquito's since we moved here because of the breeze that generally blows across our property and now new patio but last Saturday when our friends/old neighbors Britt and Scottie came out to visit there was no breeze. Figures. And of course David had the Landing lights on and attracted every bug within 100 miles. Literally Hundreds of June Bugs. Yuck! The patio is lite up like an airport runway. Me - "You are now clear for take off", Maybe I should have said you are clear for landing since all the June bugs were diving on to the patio. LOL We had planned on eating out there but the bugs changed our minds quickly. How rude!

David grilled fajitas, made charro beans and I made rice and all the fixings. Oh and David made Margarita's. Yee Haw. A Mexican feast. We had plenty of left overs. I think maybe his tasty wings he grilled as an appetizer, along with chips and salsa filled us up. Now Scottie brought dessert but we were so full we didn't touch it. Sad. Untouched dessert that's a crime right? She left it with the pie with us because she had another one at home for them to enjoy.

The next night David and I saved room for dessert and  

that Key Lime Pie was AWWWESOOOMMME!  
I hope Scottie will share her recipe.

Britt and Scottie brought us a house warming gift which they should have. They thought
Love it!
It goes perfect with my green birdhouse already in my Kitchen box window.
if fit our style perfectly. I can't imagine what they mean. LOL Could it be the STARS?
In time you may start to notice a theme around our house inside and out. "Stars"

 Now to bring you up to par. Came home last Tuesday and the drive way was tore up. Not completely but the first 75 feet. Did I mention we were putting in a new driveway and widening it. Of course I did. Well we are and it is finally happening!

What a mess right? But the end result will be a driveway that's 3 car wide 75' down then it will narrow down to slightly wider driveway single drive to the street all nice and smooth without cracks and pot holes.

You'll have to take my word for this but our mailbox was the leaning tower of mailboxes. So we had a new one built. The tear out of the old one was easy. It took two guys to push it over and tah-dah we have a new one. Which also means our mail is dry when we get it.
One last tidbit I want to share. My niece in Missouri. Would you look at those extensions and kicks. She is the most graceful and gracious little lady you could find. She loves to dance and dance she does.
I've only got to see her dance one time when she was maybe 7 and I hope to again one day. These pictures are from my sister's facebook page.
What amazes me is that she's only 12 and dancing on point. I'm just a proud aunt clear down in Texas.  Her bright smile never fades.

Now you see why I call my blog A Little of This and A Little of That. You never know what I may write about.
Until next blog.....'Be yourself. Who else is better qualified.' ~FJ Giblin~



Linda Chapman said...

Awesome post!!

Nobody reads at the same level all the time - give herself a break!

No mosquitos at out place as of yet. We accredit it to the fact we have feeders, birds, geckos and lizards - these alll provide countless hours of entertainment as we watch. (And PILES and PILES of good bird feed from a good suppier)

I am back to a Sturart Macbride thriller set in Aberdeen, Scotland.I am reading this because my daughter lived there fir a year and he is a local writer.

Sue Anne McKinney said...

Enjoyed looking thru your blog. UP early...when that happens I tend to go to Blogland. Your niece is amazing! Love what you are doing w/ your home.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Hi Carla,
Wow your life is really busy and interesting. It kinda makes me think I am not the only one juggling ten million things at once! Thank for the very nice comment you put on my blog and for making me laugh - body parts. I always laugh when I say it and now someone else appreciates my humor! Have a wonderful Easter!!

Linda Chapman said...

The mosquitos are in full force at A&M's place!!! I have the bites to prove it!