Friday, April 13, 2012

Color, What color?

Recently I was reading my friend Tom Russell's blog called Tom Russell Quilts where he shares his adventures in life and talents like quilting, applique and always his "Magic Monday". He has quite the eye for taking photos and such a sense of humor. I'm either smiling or laughing out loud about something he wrote.
I commented how I loved all the flowers and color he had and that right now my new yard doesn't have color. But that's not to say David isn't dying to get in there and landscape. Trust me, he is he is. He's ready but he wants to wait until all the construction is done. Well sorta. He has already started working on a design for a flower bed just off the patio and has positioned the crepe myrtles he bought in the late fall to see how they'll look. He's now pondering what plants he'll fill in with. 

Wait! Color! I remembered there's an Amaryllis blooming in the front yard.  A single Amaryllis plant and it's really pretty. It came with the house. It's the only flower unless you count the Ligustrum bushes that are now starting to bloom.

They don’t smell so good but it’s color right? I looked around, nope nothing else to see here.
So I walked to the back yard. No Color has been planted in the ground but there's color in them there flower pots that we used to have around the pool from the old house.

Hey I at least found some color.

In Quilting news:  See this little pile of thread. I've had bigger. Me and my sewing machine are not one. One of us have a problem and it's not me this time. The quilt is simple enough but thread keeps jamming and making a mess of my baby quilt. GRRRRR.

Partial Sneak peak below.
Can't post it here yet in case Lisa is reading. She and the hubby had a beautiful baby girl. Baby Abigail Victoria sounds so sweet and delicate I hope she don't mind a Texas Quilt Welcome. I hope to finish this up and get it to her before she turns 1. That's seems to be About my speed for quilting. 

So until next blog.....
I think I've discovered the secret of life -you just hang around until you get used to it . ~Charles M Schulz~


donna said...

Carla I am so sorry I thought I was following you. I am your newest follower. Thank you so much for visiting.

Attic Rat said...

We just finished planting our garden. We planted green beans and tomatoes and can't wait until harvest time. Yum yum


Jeanette said...

Carla - I love the arbor on your patio! Did you guys make it yourself or did you have someone do it? I really want something like that off our covered patio so that I can make an outdoor kitchen.