Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wrapping up the celebration

1st off I find it very irritating that I type up my post and do a preview then when I post, it changes the font size in different areas and sometimes rearranges my paragraphs. Not sure how that happens. So let me apologize now if part of a paragraph and pictures ends up at the bottom of a post or the fonts aren’t all the same.

Well the celebrating was wrapping up Saturday the 3rd, Day 4 Pamela and I headed to the Woodlands to meet my Mom and Joe for a birthday lunch at BJ’s. Another yummy place we enjoy eating at. May I just say that though Christmas I can control my weight but during the month of March my eating habits go out the window. The menu at BJ’s is big which makes it hard to decide what to eat. After much deliberation Pamela decided on fish and chips, Me and my Mom got a grilled turkey burger and Joe got a pulled pork sandwich. We were all stuffed and satisfied. Mom and Joe gave us each a Happy Birthday balloon and birthday money to go buy what we want. The balloons tipped off  the waiter that it was our birthday so he gave both of us a warm chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of ice cream. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good. We did shared with Mom and Joe.

That evening David, Pam and I went to a Quad Party. What’s a Quad Party you might ask?
Well our friends are having quadruplets. That’s 4 babies all at once. Surprise!  Anyway Mom-2-Bee didn’t want the typical pink and blue with games kind of shower so her mom helped put together a Texas themed party. Don't you love the little onesies banner.Another friend stepped up and cooked fried chicken,  lots of fried chicken. This chicken was awesome. David has already commissioned him to cook for us at a party. Of course the cook is also expecting his first
baby (singular) within the next few weeks so I’m not sure he’ll be ready to cook for us if we have a party in May or June. You know new patio, at the new house and a nursing school graduate. Lots to celebrate by May or June Also on the menu that night were
 mashed potatoes, tasty green beans, corn and lots of other tasty morsels along with adult beverages and the tame stuff like soda and water. There were lots of pregnant women roaming around that night so I was afraid to drink the water if you know what I mean.

When gift time rolled around they had stacks of clothes, diapers and other necessities. Instead of getting a couple of outfits they were getting them in 4's or more. 
Now the Dad-2-Bee had to check out the hooded bath towel and he modeled the carrier.

They got one(4) of those baby back packs and Mike figured he’d have one baby strapped to the front, one to back and one in/on each arm.

Aren't they a cute couple? Their lives are about to be changed forever. With lots of diapers, little smiles and giggles, tears, lots of them, more diapers, love, frustration and joy. All multiplied by 4.
 The little blonde sitting on the couch is the Quad Grandma to be. I think that was the first time that night she actually sat down for any length of time. 

Right before we left I saw the best book ever that they received as a gift. You know I felt exactly like the parent in the book on occasion when Pamela refused to go to sleep and kept thinking of reason to delay bedtime.  This book cracked me up.

Sunday was a day of rest. Pam headed back to school and David and I cooked something on the grill. Now Monday the 5th was my real birthday so David decided he wouldn’t make me cook that night so we headed up to the local Mexican Restaurant called Julio’s. Had me a margarita. Whew! Okay I’ll full and satisfied. I guess I can stop celebrating for now. Well sorta because Friday the 9th Pam and I went to Reba at the Rodeo. YeeHAW.  Awesome show. Now I'm done until next year.
Here's are a few more pictures from the Tri County Quilt Guild 2nd Quilt Show.

Carolyn stands by her quilt. Wouldn't like to paper piece this quilt?
She's a teacher at Quilter's Crossing

This was the Tin Can Raffle booth. Buy tickets and drop then in the can of the item you'd like to win.
Lots of cool stuff on the table.

My neighbor and fellow guild member admires her blue ribbon quilt.
Wonder if I could convince her to leave at my house. It would look awesome
on the wall in my Texas guest room!

Carol mans the Story Book quilt Booth.
Quilt-themed books are paired with small quilts made guild members, availabe for check out to area schools, churches, scouts or you to read to your own childen. The quilts presented as a hands-on depiction of the story suitable for grades K-6, and address a variety of themes, including personal loss, tolerance, death of a loved one, perseverance, moving, and appreciation of heritage. If your interested in checking out a book and quilt you can go to and click on the Story Book Quilt Link.

If you want to see the whole album of pictures you can go to

If you didn't make to the show you should have but don't fret we'll have another in 2014.

Until next Blog….. Always Celebrate Life like there’s no tomorrow. 


Texas Tales said...

Great post! So glad you guys made it to the party!!

Linda Chapman said...

hahaha.....we DID have a good time celebrating at the Quad Party. And I think you have pretty much milked this birthday for all it's worth!!! And rightly SO!!

We hope to be around for the BIG party in June! There will be lots of celebrating to do this year!

Can't wait to see the Party Pavilion!!

Texan said...

Love that Texas blue ribbon quilt! Oh my its just lovely!!!