Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 2 Celebration begins

Had to start Thursday off by going to work but that's okay because when the clock strikes 11:50am I was off and running.

I head to the Berry Center to take some pictures as Tri County Quilt Guild sets up for our 2nd Quilt Show called Pieceful Moments. Our first show was very small in size and space but the turn out was huge (approx. 1000 visitors) and I hope for the same success and more for our 2nd show. This is part of my celebration since I love quilting.

As I've said before I love to surround myself with talented and knowledgeable quilters. Gives me plenty of options when it comes to who to ask questions when I'm needing help which is usually quite often. Not only are the members talented but they're giving of their time and efforts. It has taken 2 years to plan and improve upon what we learned from our first show. And I'm sure we'll learn more at our 2nd show.

Here's a couple of sneak peeks of what I saw Thursday. I have to edit most of the pictures before I release the entire show album
Quilts for Sale Booth

Setting up Carol June Booth -  Embroidery, bags, shirts, quilt blocks

Linda Love by her quilt in the show

Story Book Quilt Booth - check out a book and quilt

Quilter's Crossing Booth

The Square Quilter Booth
 There are Over 150 quilts on display and something like 30 vendors to shop at. 

Can't wait to go back for more on Friday!

 Now would you look at the time!
It's nearly 3:15pm and I need to head out. 

I've got to run home so I can change my clothes and pick up one of my dates for the evening... and then we'll meet our 3rd party in crime I mean fun at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Part of my birthday present from David is a ticket to Ladies Nite Out at the Rodeo.

Our Andy Warhol Picture

For a fee we receive all the food and drink we can consume, party favors, pictures, fun, tattoo's(not real ones), hair bling, make-up, more pictures, drinks, fun, the rodeo and the show "Lady Antebelum" and more. Did I mention drinks and fun? Oh okay just making sure.
 Here we are waiting for our blue martini..that's poured through an Ice block shaped like a cowboy boot. 

Now how stupid am I... I didn't take a picture of them pouring the liquor through the ice but then I was rather busy holding the martini glass trying not to miss any liquid as it flowed out but I did find this picture.
Sheryl and Kathy are 2 of my sorority sisters from college. Sheryl has been attending the rodeo with me for the last maybe 6 years and this was Kathy's first time to join us in the fun.
Kathy  Me and Sheryl with our Turquoise Martini's

 Bottoms UP Cowgirls!

Enough of the frilly drinks on to the Corona.

 My daughter usually comes but she had class and a test on Friday so she missed all the fun hopefully she can make it next year. 

Entertainment for the night Lady Antebellum. Great music. And I didn't mind staring at the guy singer. Whatever his name is. I can never remember the names of singers and songs what can I say.. Oh yeah he was ...easy on the eyes. Hey I'm married, older but not blind or dead. 

Here's Sheryl showing off the bling in her hair. Can't see it in the picture but it flashes...
I'm sure everyone on the freeway as we drove home was wondering 'what the heck' as our bling just flashed away. My bling was on the left side and hers on the right. I didn't even think about the blinking bling until I walked into my dark bedroom and saw the bright lights blinking in my mirror.  LOL.

Here we are at the end of the night. Still standing and smiling!
And a clear table.

Darn it though they took away the cowboy boot center piece that was made of metal and wire mesh  with added crystal bling. It would have looked great in my little niche' in my hall at the new place. Now if I'd been smart I would have taken a picture to show you and maybe one of my readers could have told me where to find one.

 You'll be happy to know I was home and in bed by 11:30pm. Just to start over again on Friday(Day 3).

Are you bored yet? So ends my Day 2.
It was fun day to me

Until next Blog..........Birthdays don't mean you're old. That only happens when you quit celebrating and having fun. So I don't think I'll stop. ;o)



Orangies Attic said...

LOVE the rodeo, we are headed there Thursday night for ZZ and Friday night for Reba... can't wait! I love the quilts, they are one of the my fave parts of the rodeo. If you have a minute, go check out this quilt that my VERY talented aunt made for my son a few years ago. http://orangiesattic.blogspot.com/2011/02/patchwork-party.html

Linda Chapman said...

I can't believe I missed this post earlier! What fun you gals had!!