Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grim Reminder

The following post is a grim reminder of how fast our lives can change in a flash. A car back fires or someone throws a cigarette out the car window without thought to the consequences or someones BBQ pit sparks a flame. Wild fires were a constant threat in Texas due the lack of rain for most part of the year. Wilds fires happen in California not in Texas. Okay so maybe there's a few here and there but nothing like this year. The  Bastrop State Park suffered a major lost, fires were popping up all over, and in the Magnolia/Waller/Plantersville area within 15-20 miles of our current home.

Last week as we got closer to the Texas Renaissance we were reminded of the devastating fires. We could smell the smoke, see the smoke and had falling ash. All of which is a very eerie feeling. Smoke that was so dense a couple of mornings it was like a fog but you knew it was smoke from the smell. It's been a couple of months since the fires and some life is starting to renew, meaning greenery but the trees have been snuffed out permanently. As we drove the last few miles to the festival we started seeing charred trees and fence lines and realized just how lucky blessed some homes were. We had heard on the news reports back then that festival grounds were being threatened by the fires burning close by but seeing how close was eye opening. There would be a burned area and then an untouched area with a home sitting in the middle. David never stopped (and I never asked to stop) so I could take pictures properly so I snapped as we drove.  So pardon the quality of the pictures that follow.
Clean up along 1774 has started. Clearing all the charred trees and debris.

Here we saw a  burnt building and wondered was this someones home or was it just a building on the property with no inhabitants. Then you have wonder if there was a family or families it affected, where are they now and will they rebuild. Seeing all this made it real. Yes we saw smoke, the falling ash, and smelled the smoke in the air as it surrounded our home back in September but seeing it like this now really made me sad.

Just look at all these trees. Gone. The drought was taking it's own toll on the trees and plants but this was massive.
The next 2 shots were taken along Riley Road. We constantly heard reports about evacuations on Riley Road and how the fire was contained and then next report would say a hot spot rekindled the flames.
The woods in the area are so dense the flames would just jump from tree to tree and all the dried leaves on the ground as result of the drought were just kindling to the flames.

The next 3 shots were on 1488 between (Waller)290 and (Magnolia)1774 . The fence melted but just beyond some the fences were homes untouched. We can give thanks to the brave volunteers and firefighters who fought to protect them along with the MAN upstairs.

Thankfully now Texas is starting to see some rain here and there and just a little bit each time.
But every little bit helps. Fire bans are being lifted and the fear of a wild fire has eased..

One of my friends family lived in the Bastrop area and was evacuated from their homes and then 2 more times from each area they had moved to. They were relieved 5+ days later when they were allowed to return. Their home was still standing and safe.
May all the folks affected by these fires find peace and the strength to rebuild.

Until Next Blog..... “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” ~Confucius~

.•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. Be Happy .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•.
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Linda Chapman said...

What an amazing sight! This year of 2011 has been full of all sorts of WEATHER!

You captured the aftermath of the destruction in some great pics. Hopefully this area will look much different next spring. I hope you get to take some photos then and document the recovery!