Monday, December 19, 2011

You’ve got to be kidding!

A week ago Friday we had our first good frost. It was pretty chilly and frosty white.
Looked kinda pretty.
 David's roses are liking this cooler weather and the little rain we've gotten so far.       
The roses were so fragrant and as I was taking the picture a honey bee buzzed in. Can you see him on the bottom right in petals? Yikes!

The red roses as they age the edges are fringed with purple. Soooo pretty.

Went to the foot specialist at lunch a week ago Friday to check out the knot and pain on my right foot. Now this is the same foot/ankle that I injured back in May and spent all those weeks in a boot then more weeks in a brace and more at physical therapy. They did an ultra sound and x-rays even though she didn’t think it was broke or anything like that. 
Well imagine the look on her face and mine when we looked at the digital x-ray and saw a break. All I could say was You’ve got to be kidding! but Yep that's a break.
Who knows if it’s an old break or a new one since there is No way to tell.  Dr Walsh used digital x-ray so she could magnify the area. Due to the location and angle of the break it wouldn't have shown up on a regular x-ray. Something to be said for digital. Good news is that because I wear these ortho shoes by Dansk the doctor said she won’t put me back in a boot. First she wants to try some electrical therapy. I’ll go  to 6 treatments then go back to see if there’s any change.

David wonders if this electrical shock therapy will help my mental illness. He’s such a smarta$$. Told him it might get worse so he better watch out when he thinks about going to sleep.

Now you'll never guess what happened the next day, Saturday as we prepared for The Bell Christmas Party. Pamela calls all hysterical, crying and telling me something but I'll be damn if I understood. I thought she'd wrecked her car or something. I had to tell her to stop, breathe and talk slower. Still crying she tells me she stubbed her toe on her desk chair and thinks she broke it. Okay now I understand and tell her it's probably just badly sprang and just ice it. But oh no she says it's broke... That's when she tells me the little toe is going the wrong way. You've got to be kidding. She had her roommate drive her to the emergency room and they confirm it's broke. ER taped up her toes and put her in a little bootie.My right foot her right toe.. what are the odds? Like mother like daughter or however that saying goes.

On a happier note ...The Bell Party was lots of fun. Amber had all her decorations out and the tree up. When you walk up to the front door it says "Festive and Fun"

There was lots of yummy foods to eat and snack on with plenty of adult beverages. It was almost 1am when the hubby and I decided to head back to our side of town. Whoa that's a record for these old folk. We never even realized what time it was, too busy talking and laughing I guess.  Something new we learned at the party...That adult men can not play trampoline dodge ball like 14-17 year olds can. LOL! I had never heard of trampoline dodge ball till Saturday. I wish I had the video to share but I don't. Grown men dressed in tall tube socks, shorts, t-shirts with the words "No Talent" on the front and the best part was the Afro wigs they all had on. Most of the guys are engineers at David's company. I can not put into words the hilarity of watching these guys bounce around(boing boing boing) on a trampoline trying to throw a ball or dodge the ball coming at them.

You had to be there.

Oh well. So on one good foot each, my daughter and I shall try to finish my Christmas shopping before Wednesday and sqeeze in the grocery shopping for Christmas dinner.
Well Until next blog........“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present”~B. Olatunji~


Linda Chapman said...

Well you two girls are right in synch with each other!!
We had so much fun watching that video! When Amber and Mike get back from Italy maybe they will post it on the blog or Facebook!! I would LOVE to see it again!!!
Boing! BOING! BOING!!!

Kathryn said...

I laughed just reading about grown (?) men playing trampoline dodge ball without even seeing it. Please do share if a video ever gets posted.

sgw123 said...

Hmmm, it seems you gave Pamela the clumsy gene before she was ever born, when you fell at 9 months pregnant! Yes that moment scarred me for life, I will never forget it! Hope you two are able to hobble along ok & get your shopping done! Maybe we can catch up before the year is over?!