Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Be Long or Not to be Long that is the question...

To Mouse hair or Moose? I know goofy title but I couldn't help myself.
LOL  I sent out an email to my so called friends along with this picture
 asking "what do you think about me cutting and styling my hair this way" I  think it would make my eyes pop".  I got all kinds of  comments. Here's a just a few.
³ I thinking something Lady Gaga might work…don’t like this one
³ It may make u look too tall
³ Why not ....... your eye will pop when your husband whacks you on the side of the head
³ If you can look yourself in the mirror, then I am sure we can look thru you or past you.  Just remember you have to wake up to it.
³ I promise as your friend  I WILL NOT LAUGH.

      Of course my loving husband said sure go for it. I don't care if you look like the little mouse next to your email signature but I may act like I don't know you in public". Mmmm they do have the same shape but the more I look at it I'm think maybe it more like moose antlers. It would definitely be a conversation starter. What kind of person cuts their hair like that? I guess a model is the most obvious answer..
So this past Friday Morning I went to work with long hair and that is almost all white these days. May be a result of being married and having a daughter. Both of which I love dearly but they can stress me out some days. I remember in college when I used to pay to have my hair frosted to look like it does now and now today, I want more color. Amazing We're just never happy.
I tend keep my hair long in the summer so I can pull it up in a pony tail. I like being able to pull it up in a pony tail to stay cool. By fall I'm usually ready for a change and start looking forward to cutting my hair shorter or short. I like to wait until I have 10-12 inches of hair to cut off so I can give it to Locks of Love. So I kept asking what should I do. Get a trim to shape it up and maybe add some color?

I walked in the shop this past Friday with a picture in hand of what I thought I wanted but I still wasn't positive. I was able to cross off the moose antler look but what about the color. While I have colored my hair an auburn color and even lavendar by accident. With that said a Word of warning be sure to read the labels on the hair coloring box. So if the box says don't use if your hair is 50% or more gray DON'T.
But even with that warning I proceeded. You see I had been coloring my hair for so long I didn't know if it was 10 or 50% gray.
This is what happened....
In this picture the lavendar doesn't show as much but by the next day when I went to work it did. I worked as a secretary in the assistant principals office at a middle school at the time. Oops. We've sent kids home for this kind of thing. On that Monday morning in 2006 One of the AP's walked and said good morning, stopped, turned around, stared and said "Don't even think about it...I'm not sending you home" About that same time 3 students walked in and told me my hair was "cool". Oh and did I mention I colored my hair right before going to my Godchilds college graduation party that particular weekend. No time to correct. Everyone definitely noticed.

So as I sat in the saloon salon chair my stylist asked what we were going to do today. One thing I was sure of , I wanted to try putting some low lites in my hair. Back in March when he tried he was cautious and the colors he chose didn't show up at all so I walked out with a trim only. To be fair He didn't charge me for the color. I showed him the pictures of cuts I liked and he questioned the length. They were too short he felt.
Well here's the final result of my salon visit........  4 inches shorter and not quite so white headed. My stylist said next time we'll go for more darker highlights low lites. I already have the highlights and definitely more than 50%. LOL   I think I might need more layers and slightly shorter bangs but that's the next cut..

I almost scrapped this post because who wants to read about my Hair Adventures until I read Less Cake More Frosting Blog  post on her new short cut.  Major difference in our post is she is younger and much cuter but this is my story and I'm stickin to it. Come to think of it she's a better writer but that's okay too. ;o)

Today I tried curling it. Definitely takes less time to dry when it's shorter. Just have to get used to styling it. I'm not so good at these self portraits. Need to work on that. Actually took this one with my cell phone because right now me and my Nikon are not one when it some to using the self timer.

Also before I forget Go check out my friend
Amber's blog called Texas Tales. She's one talented person. Takes after her mom. Anyway Amber writes, decorates, is very crafty, energetic, and well she's makes jewelry. She's having a give-away that ends tomorrow.  Don't miss your chance to win these nifty bracelets to the right. She'll announce the winner Friday.

Well Until next blog ...
The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or
touched - they must be felt with the heart ~ Helen Keller

.•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. Be Happy ✿ .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•.  
……………… .... •.Carla.•´…………............…


sgw123 said...

Your hair is cute!

Linda Chapman said...

Oh, CARLA!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I have a lot of gray now, too.....and since I have colored my hair for YEARS I have never thought about the % of gray and if I should use it! I have noticed that the color doesn't 'take' right around my face. Maybe I should do the LOW lights as well!!
But back to YOU!!!! It looks FANTASTIC!!!'s YOUR blog and you can do any post YOU want!!
PSS.....Great quote at the end! I will have to remember that one.