Thursday, October 27, 2011

Progress ...... mmmm

Have to laugh at my crazy dog. He follows me every time I move. He'll be laying under my desk at my feet on a pillow I threw on the floor but if I get up to put something in the closet or on a shelf he's right behind me. When I'm not home he usually follows David around. David doesn't have a pillow for Dexter but that's okay....Dexter found his own place to rest while David worked at his desk or computer. Well to Dexter's dismay David finished emptying all the boxes in his office and now there's are books on the shelves. There was about an 8 inch gap between the books and Dexter kept putting his nose and front paws in there trying to figure out how to fit in that tiny space. LOL He gave up and now curls up under David's desk on the curved foot rest.

Okay I'm ready to sew or start doing something creative whether the sewing room is in order or not. Now it was full of boxes stacked 2 wide and as high as the light fixture. I took a limited view on the of what the room looked like after furniture and boxes were piled into my sew called sewing room to bee.The chair stacked up there is about a foot away from the ceiling fan light. I have a 12 foot ceiling in this room. I have now emptied all boxes but I haven't actually organized everything.  It has been exciting getting to move to a new place but it has also been very overwhelming. There were a few times I'd sit behind the boxes and cry all by myself. I never realized how much debris (I stole this word from a friend mine's husband. Much nicer than CRAP) I had accumulated after living in our last home for 16 years.                                        
Yes I can actually walk in here but what a disaster. I'm hoping by Sunday this room will be more organized and usable. Pray for me! LOL.

When I emptied a box it may mean I dumped everything on the floor, table or laid on the shelving David bought me.

Very slowly I am organizing and finding a place for everything. You might question that statement when you look at the mess in this picture but trust me it was worse. 
I have decided to start cutting up all the jeans I have saved to make quilts.
Some I have already cut into squares and others I'm prepping so I can run them thru the AccuQuilt Go. Which has various die cut shapes. Makes the cutting go a lot faster.

Here's what I've cut up so far and here's what I have left to cut up.
My friend Carol who is a real quilter came by and told me that 3 pairs of jeans will
make into a nice lap quilt. Damn Darn I'm gonna be making a lot of quilts in that case. LOL  Well, we'll see how I progress.........................

Until next blog.....
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Linda Chapman said...

I think you have made remarkable progress!!! Bring some of your denim over to Amber's the week I am there and I will whack someof it up fpr you!

I always smile when I see a new post from you!! said...

I love your dog! Very sweet.

Good luck with the steps :)

Attic Rat said...

We've lived in the same house for over 25 years. I suppose that I should start the purge before my husband retires. I would hate to be faced with a move right now. We have a HUGE storage barn.

I asked around and found a place that sells the Anne Sloan paint near you. They sell it at the Antiques Gallery Mall in Spring.

Maybe I will see you at Warrenton in March :)