Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Life and Adventures continue

I got home from a great quilt retreat on 10/23. Next Morning 10-24 David asked if maybe I wanted to go have breakfast at our new found spot in Caldwell called the Garden Spot. Well I'm no fool I said 'Yes'.  The food is good and reasonable.

Driving down Hwy 36  to Caldwell David says "somewhere before we get to Caldwell there's supposed to be this great little hamburger place called Front Street Burgers."

Just as he says it I go "there's the sign for it'. David does his famous hold on, we're going in hot and pulls off the road to turn around. Stunt drivers have nothing on this man.  LOL  We don't drive to far down this road and I spot the place on our right. Unless the town is hiding there is only 2 small buildings there and a house or two around..  This photo was taken by Front Street and was on their FB page. The yellow box there is going to be their Little Library. 

We'll go back one day soon to try but breakfast is calling our names now.  On Sunday they look to have music of some kind. We'll have to check it out further and I'll post I'm sure about our experience.

As we drive back to the highway we notice this purple house hidden behind the trees and shrubs. And then we notice the walls... 

It has bottles as the walls.  That's a lot of bottles. How we missed this the first time I have no clue.

Then I noticed the bright colored mailboxes. Pretty cool lookin I think.
We finish our side road sightseeing and head on to breakfast. 
David is working hard on the landscaping in front so he wanted to run by The Antique Rose Emporium to grab a couple more roses and some canyon daisies. They're really cool and get real full..  
These roses are called Mullinex.. So pretty. They went in the ground up between the stone pillars and big rails to front entrance of the house along with the pink ones he bought first time called Belinda's Dream. I thought I had a picture of it but I guess not. But it's full of petals and big and smells delightful. David is ready to retire so he can work in the yard more. He loves to landscape and all his plants.
Saturday was date night with the Kennedy's!  LOL 
Go figure we move to a wide spot in the road and meet more Kennedy's.
I was at cute place called Boutique in the Woods (it's literally in the woods on back road)and this woman walks in and says hi and introduces herself to the owner as Kelli Kennedy. What! I say well Hi Kelli Kennedy I'm Carla Kennedy.  Well it got even crazier. Come to find out both John and Kelli worked at Mustang Engineering where David still works but now it's called Wood. They had never met. Even they are raising Dexter cows. We sold a couple of calves last year to a guy in Somerville and he told David he had met him at Producers in Bryan. David didn't remember him but come to find out he thought David was John.. We had no clue at the time. We live on CR348 and they live on CR358.
We had a great evening at Central Avenue Bistro. Great food, music and great new friends. It's about time we get together again. 

Came home that evening and as we were pulling in we saw something next to the fence line but didn't know what so David stopped the car and as he did I saw a new baby calf. Momma #1 aka Rose had just given birth. When David walked close to the fence Momma tucked her head down as if she was gonna charge the fence and run David down with her horns if he got any closer.  
This makes Calf #4 for 2020.  The calf was wobbly but stood up slowly.  Awwww
David got a picture of it Sunday morning laying in the sun just snoozing away.

Momma #1 and Maddie #2 hoovered over the new calf. No one was gonna get to close until they decided it was okay 
It's been hard doing anything with my hair since I can't lift my left arm above my shoulder until a month since the pacemaker surgery has passed so I do what I can.  My body is trying to get used to the new faster heart rate so I either get tired faster or I get uncomfortable hot. Anyway at a hot moment I leaned my head to the left, grabbed my hair, twisted and put a clip in it leaning my head down. David walked in and snickered at my lopsided hair doo.  Hey it was the best I could do.  I had him put it in a low pony and he had trouble doing it. I think he got the hang of it afterwards.  Didn't have to be perfect.

Come Thursday (10/29) we had company for a couple of nights. We hadn't got together since my birthday in March. Well they almost backed out when they couldn't find a dog sitter.  Our response was bring those babies with you and they did.
This is Sylvia with her babies Jake(left), Zorro(center),
and Roo laying down behind them all.  Roo is older and had a hard time walking on our concrete floors but he did just fine outside. All these babies were 3 times as big as Lilley.
That night we went to The Old Post Office in Caldwell to listen to 2 of our favorite Texas singers Max and Heather Stallings. This is a great personable venue be listen and see them at. There was a slight mix up with table reservations that really ticked me off but they say they'll make it okay next time we want to come to a show.  We'll see.
Max and Heather didn't disappoint.  They were great. 
Friday (10/30) we decided to take them to Salado.  Our first stop was Chupacabra Craft Beer and Salado Winery.  First we ordered food. I ordered the half order of a Monto Cristo sandwich and baked potato soup. I don't remember what everyone else ordered. Now of us complained! We were all pleased with our food. We're ready to come back and try something else.  Or maybe just get the same thing. LOL  While waiting on our food we got some beer or cider. Larry, Sylvia and I got a flight to try and we got a free glass. I got all ciders.

Sylvia put me and David in front of the Chupacabra. He was practicing safety by wearing a mask. Can never be too safe. LOL  
From here we went over to Barrow Brewery. They all got a beer and I..... well I got a water.
Axis winery was open so we decided to over there. We'd been telling the about the wine swirl slushy Where David might have drank 5+ at father's day.  LOL.
Got a picture of me and Sylvia. And captured a couple of David and Larry.
OH no the slushy wasn't ready we bought a bottle of their Sangria to share until the slushy was slushy.
And then they were ready.....  I passed on a frozen drink and just finished my glass of wine. 
We were joined by Drake. He really liked David. He's part owner / social director.  Pretty guy.
That evening we took them to Central Avenue Bistro in Cameron. Never disappointing. Great food and of course great company of our friends Larry and Sylvia.
Saturday (10/31) we got up and I fix an egg casserole. They're not big breakfast eaters but we hoped that this would work. I think it was a hit.  
We hung out outside with all the critters.  Jerry knew Sylvia was here to see him. LOL
     Roo was happy to be outside and walking around.   Unfortunately Larry and Sylvia and the boys had to go home. Bah Hum Bug. It was great visiting and catching up.  But they had other pressing things to take care of and had to say goodbye.

Hey Terre My Newest Blog follower.... Go view my complete profile and click on Email under contact and it shows my email address I believe. Let me know if it works. Otherwise I'll work it out. LOL

So until next blog post.... Life is meant for good friends and great adventures” ~ Anonymous

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