Thursday, June 20, 2019

Time to save some Wine.

I realized that Hannah lives in my old neck of the woods. I lived in Overland Park Kansas for about 3 years. I saw the High school I would have gone too just down the street from her house. Things have grown so much since I lived there. I recognized street names.
We all get up Thursday (5/23) Morning. Hannah has cooked us scrambled eggs and french toast. Too sweet and tasty.  Our first stop is somewhere in Kansas City, Missouri. LOL Yes I drove but I just followed the directions to get to Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant. After our tasting we decided to go have a drink and shared a dessert because our next stop might need this liquid courage and something in our tummies.  A S’MORE BUDINO
A little toast for friendship and our next adventure.
So it's time to head to our next destination. Are you ready for this? I mean I wasn't sure if I'd actually do or not until we got there and I thought 'What the Hell'  Our next stop was Hannah's tattoo parlor. Yep the girls were going to get their 2nd tattoo together of wine glasses and they convinced me to get one.   Nope I wasn't afraid.

I went first so I wouldn't chicken out but I doubt that would have happened.   When Pamela told David I was going to get one, all he said was 'a Tattoo huh?'  End result came out pretty good. The only time it kinda smarted was when the tattooist started coloring in the wine but not unbearable.
 End result. I think I surprised Pamela and Hannah that I actually went through with it.
I got my courage from a former co-worker who also had recently got a tattoo. Her name is Letty and I call her the Butterfly Whisperer because she raises Monarch butterfly's and releases them once they bust out of the cocoon. So cool.
Now it was Pammy's turn.

The girls were getting them on their ankle. To me that might be more painful.   Cute! Wine glass with her initial 'P'.

From here we headed to another winery called The Stone Pillar to celebrate our tattoo's.

When we got there Hannah's boyfriend Phillip greeted us with a bottle of wine.  Thanks Phillip.  I think he may have had to drink most of it because we drank our glass and then had a tasting. And the we got a wine slushy. mmmm  Very tasty and refreshing.

These girls are so silly and fun.  Pamela got a picture of me showing off my new tattoo while taking a drink.
Phillip left us to finish up our drinks while he went to pick up a pizza and meet us at home. It was very yummy.

We were hungry. There wasn't a slice left.

Then we watched a movie called 'Wine Country'  It's a movie about 6 gals who have been friends for years that decide to go on a vacation to the wine country to celebrate their friends 50th birthday. It's a trip they won't forget.  It was pretty good and it made you laugh.

That's how we ended the day watching a movie and TV. Hannah had a big day planned for us on Friday.

Friday morning came and as I type this I don't remember what we did for breakfast but we headed to a cute little town called Weston for lunch, wine, brewery and distillery fun.
I'll have to finish  this journey blog later. Typing about all the stuff we did has made me tired. LOL  Yes Shirley W. I do get tired. LOL

Until my next post....“It doesn't matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you.”   

And this time it was my daughter/navigator.

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