Monday, November 7, 2016

Crossed off another UFO on my List & Orphan Block Give Away

So after the Vintage Market a couple of week ends ago and a little more shopping. I happened by this sweet shop called Little Eclectic house that I had been meaning to shop at for some time now. I'd love to live in the house and on the land. It's cute and has lots of goodies to check out from antique's to clothing and jewelry.  It's a fun place. If you get a chance go check it out.
I finished a quilt for my friend Sandy that she's been waiting on for a few years. It's for a memory quilt that she may could have forgotten it's been so long but I finally got it put together. Whew. Could never come up with the right design but while at quilt retreat I just started sewing and it went together. I got so excited when I sewed the last row on, held it up and said "Looky Looky I'm done". I was so excited until I looked down and the last row of people were looking at me. Oh crap! I got in such a hurry and didn't realize I sewed the last row on upside down. So I got to rip it apart. Grrrrr. And an hour later I was re-sewing it back on.
Taken at the Waller County Fair grounds while at the Vintage Market Days

back drop provided by Eclectic House on Mueschke Road

Quilting by my friend Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest
She stitched in the ditch around the frame of the picture and then meandered the rest

The look on her fast was priceless. I couldn't get a head on shot because she had the quilt in her face. She couldn't believe some of the pictures I used.  She forgot she sent me some and others I had to stalk her facebook to get. She didn't send me enough originally to use.
It was so bright on the patio on the patio I had a hard time capture a good shot but I tried.
And I think you can see the smile.  I actually surprised her. She had no idea that's why I called her for a lunch date.
    I did good.

Crossing off another UFO.

Gonna do something new. I know I have a few quilter followers just not sure how many but I figure I'd have a small orphan block give away. I have at least 4 of ea design - 6" snowball blocks to give away. If you'd like to win just leave me a comment as such.  I'll announce the winner Friday after 6pm.
In my next post I'll tell you about the quilt show and my weekend fun.
Until then....A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart


KaHolly said...

What a lucky friend and a beautiful quilt! Loved your photo shoot!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

It turned out gorgeous!

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