Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Girls and the Vacation finish

Pamela takes Sophie to Top Paw Pet Spa in College Station for grooming and for fun the groomer Misty always takes a picture of Sophie in some theme. 

I knew I was heading to the farm this past Friday so I tried and got lucky to get Lilley an appointment at Top Paw so she got her picture taken too. Misty does a great job grooming and getting their pictures. 
So this post finishes up our last days of our vacation to Missouri, Tennessee and Louisiana. I do want to give the right person credit for recommending Jack's BBQ when we got to Nashville and that was one of my favorite people Cresia. She's still in good standing with us since it was really yummy good BBQ.  
While on our bus tour the guide pointed out this building saying they called it the Batman headquarters but from the bus I never could tell why and I'm not sure you'll be able to from the picture I took either but here it is. I think you can. It's really the AT&T building. At night when it's lite up you can really see that it looks like Batman. 
For our last day in Nashville on Wednesday the 29th of June we went to the Jack Daniels Distillery. If you go be prepared to walk and climb lots of stairs. I have to admit the very last set almost got me. They were steep and lots of them but I made it!  

The coolest spot was just inside a natural spring and cave. Temperatures dropped drastically. Felt so good because it was Hot that day. It had Pamela smiling. mmm I just realized I don't know where the pictures of me and Pamela are in front of the cave with ole Jack himself. Well a statue of him.
After the tour was over we got to have shots of all their different whisky's. They even have one with cinnamon like Fire Ball but better.  We might have bought something while there.  Just saying.
That night Pamela treated us to tickets to the Grand Ole Opry. We had great seats and saw some some great entertainers like Parmalee, The Swon Brothers, Mary Sarah, Emily West, Ray Stevens (remember the they called him The Streaker), and our very on Texas artist The Randy Rogers Band.

Pamela had a flash back to 2005 or 2006 when she and a friend Lisa took their first road trip to float on the Guadalupe River and hung out with Randy Rogers. He's moving on up.
What a fun evening! Thank you sweet daughter for treating us. I like you being a hard working girl. LOL
Thursday morning we got up and drove to Boiser City, Louisiana to the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel to spend one night and take our chances at the one armed bandit's and the Black Jack Tables.  David was the only one you came out ahead. Pamela and I would win and get greedy and then we lost our pot. Bummer but at least David came out ahead this time. It was a quick fun night. No pictures. What happens at the Horeshoe stays at the Horseshoe. In this case literally. They kept the money. LOL
Friday, July 1st we got up and drove home. We were hoping to beat some of the 4th of July traffic. We did pretty good. I think we were all tired of riding and I know David was tired of driving so much. That was a lot of driving so when we saw that Texas Line sign we were pretty happy. 

We drove straight to Bryan and dropped off Pamela and she hopped in her car and grabbed her pup from her 
puppy sitter. Sophie was happy to see her Mommy but was sad to leave her friends. The puppy sitter has 2 dogs of her own for Sophie to play with. Once she got her home Sophie crashed. She was one tired little puppy. Pamela wasn't far behind. 

We continued our drive on down the road to Tomball so we could get our baby girl. This is the longest Pamela or we have ever left the girls so we're sure they were wondering  if we were ever coming back. 
The last time I had left Lilley at the Kennel for like 3 days she didn't act like she was happy to see me. In fact she acted like she was mad but this time if she'd been a bigger dog she would have knocked me down. She was so excited to see Me and David. She was even happier to be in her on backyard and home. She ran through the house like she had to make sure everything was still there.

The vacation travels were over but we had a few more days off to recover thank goodness. Well we did but Pamela didn't. She had to go back to work a day later I believe. The life and times of being a nurse.

Well that's it. I'm done for now. Sooooo
Until next blog.......

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