Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's Wedding time...Vacation continued

Fair Warning Photo Heavy!
Take Me Out to the Ball Game.
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. Okay while Sophie might eat anything I don't think those items are on her menu.  It doesn't matter what they do to this little hound she is quite the star. Sophie is so good for the groomer even lets her pose her and take her picture after getting groomed. Sophie's never this still for Pamela or me. 
Now back to the vacation saga. It's Saturday June 25th. It would have been I believe my step Mom's 74th Birthday. I guess she and my Dad are in Heaven celebrating with the Angels. I'm sure they looked through the holes in Heaven to watch Zachariah and Bailey Jo tie the knot. Would have loved seeing them dance together again. Big sigh.
Whew anyway Pamela and I headed back to Missouri Star Quilt Company for a couple of hours in the AM before we had to be at the church for the wedding.  It was so much fun to see all the fabric and all the shops. Love the the murals on the side of buildings too. They're really cool. 
Didn't get time to take pictures of the ones in Chillocothe but I did take these in Hamilton.

Pamela took a selfie of us in one of the shops on Friday and then on Saturday I took a picture of her having fun picking out fabric for a friend's baby quilt. Yep another baby quilt in my future.
She got into this quilt shopping and she's good at picking out and coordinating colors.
 We went upstairs in one building down the stairs into another building. So much fabric, so many buildings and so little time... Before we knew it, it was time to get back to the hotel so we could get ready for the wedding. David was waiting on us. At least this time we know how to get to the church. No corn fields today.
What can I say about the wedding.... Got a good picture of Pamela and her Aunt Jerri Lynn and a pretty good one of me and my sister before the wedding.

And there was this cute picture taken of my sister Barbara with our nephew Beckett. Don't you just want to pinch those cute little cheeks, Becketts. Well maybe Barbara's too. LOL

The bride was beautiful and the groom, my nephew was nervous standing up there waiting for his wife to be. As the the groomsmen entered each one greeted Zach and handed him something. Well when he went to put what turned out to be notes of advice/wisdom in his coat pocket he couldn't. LOL They were all sewn shut. You know when you buy new pants all the pockets tend to be sewn shut.  He got a little flustered but he found an inside pocket and all was good.  Then there was the cute flower girl and my little nephew Carson (ring bearer) coming down the isle. They're walking down the isle and Carson is telling her "You're suppose to be dropping the the flower petals." The Flower girl ignores him. She doesn't drop one petal down the isle. Carson won't let her forget it either.
Zach and Bailey were so cute together. He had tears claiming it was allergies and she was all fine until it was time for her turn to do her vows and then she lost it.  With a few deep breaths and a at the wipe of tears she did it.  
Of course her hand was wet from tears and Zachariah pulled his hand free from hers and wiped his hand off on his jacket then grabbed her hand again which made everyone watching chuckle.

Then it was time to announce these two husband and wife. They did it!
And these 3 officially became a family.  
Oh and as everyone was leaving the alter the Flower girl was leaving she decides to start drop the flower petals. LOL
Now I can't take credit for most of the following pictures since I didn't have my camera and at a point in time during the reception I have to admit I was in no condition to take pictures. The ones I did take were rather fuzzy. My name is on these only to keep them hopefully from being stolen off the blog. I will say thank you now to all who did take pictures like my sistera Nancy, Barbara, Jerri Lynn and Cresia, Emily, Pamela and David while they still could. And any one else I might have forgotten to say Thank you to.

The Cousins having fun while waiting for the bride and groom to make their exit

This picture I know was taken by Cresia. Awesome picture! She caught them and the bubbles. Love it.
The reception was held at the Black Silo Winery. Wow who knew my small home town had a winery. And it had some really good wine. Might have come home with a few bottles. Just saying.
Their first dance as husband and wife.
Introducing Zachariah and Baily Jo Kasinger
These 3 are called the outlaws. Also known as trouble makers
when they get together. When Pamela or Hannah left their phone on the table these 3 were known to take all kinds of pictures with them. So did a few other people. Never leave your phone unattended folks you never know what might show up.

 Cute picture of Pamela and Cresia. Love these girls.
 Nephew Baby Beckett Moments 
With Grandma
    With his Mom

Getting Love from Auntie Nancy
Me Moments with family
my nephew Tyler
 Hanging the                                 Husband  &
With my sister Barbara



then here's one with Pamela and her cousin Zachariah the groom

It was such a fun evening but I did have a bit too much to drink. Not sure but I think these guys did too. 

There are some photo's that will never see the photo album for others to see. Oh boy!

Singing and Dancing their way into your heart.
Hannah, she's my nephew Tyler's beautiful girlfriend, my sister Nancy and her beautiful daughter Shelby

That's water in that there wine glass for that little Missy. My tiny dancer niece Emily

The night was coming to an end.

Sunday was obviously a sleep in kind of day for everyone then we met up for lunch in Jamesport at the Country Cupboard. Their motto on their facebook page reads... "Many People have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to lead normal, healthy lives"  
LOL  This place has the best tenderloin sandwich. They have great food period. YUM.  

Of course you have to share the road.This is Amish country.

Even the Bride and Groom joined us for lunch. 

After lunch we went out to my Dad's place to feed the calve's and the chickens.

 They were very interested in saying Hi getting some water, food and a scratch on the nose or between the ears. Future fajita's I'm told but for now FFA projects. That Sunday after the wedding was just about hanging with family before heading out to Nashville.
Until the next blog post the vacation saga will continue However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

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