Monday, June 13, 2016

Soggy with a little Sunshine

I wanted to share this awesome picture my daughter took and shared on her facebook page. She was leaving work after her 3rd shift at the hospital. It looks like a painting. Do you see the piece of rainbow in there. This looks much nicer than the picture she shared last week. It was a video of a tornado that was less than a mile from her house and everything in College Station and Bryan was flooding at the same time. She's getting good at this photography stuff.
Those of us in Texas are getting pretty tired of this weather. We're all so soggy that the tree's are just pulling out of the ground. Trying to go any where is a trick because you never know what road might be closed due to flooding. Areas that have never flooded are flooding. A friend of mine wished for 6 months of sunshine but that would be a long time without rain. Mother Nature really needs to learn to spread out her weather rampages. And now it's hurricane season who knows what we can expect there. We haven't had a hurricane in a while now. Let's hope it's not our turn this year. Rain and More rain. Our yard is so soggy but David finally got to mow on Saturday. It was a very tedious job. The yard was tall and wet. There were areas he still couldn't mow. It rained Friday then again on Saturday and then again Sunday. Eventually we'll be wishing for rain but for right now we could use that break. At least a week or two to dry out.
Pamela is also loving how her backyard is coming together. She now has two bird feeders and hanging planters. She loves watching her fat little birds but she's finding out they could go through a bag of bird seed pretty fast but I think she's finding them entertaining. She can't wait to add more color to the flower bed and a tree in the middle of the yard. She just has to decide what she wants. She's learning what it takes to landscape from her Dad.
Well David is all about the Mini Mansion and the Rockin K so he hasn't really had time to drive or play with Mustang Sally since he bought her so he decided to sell her her.  Sold her within a week of placing the ad. wow. Her sales are gonna pay for some upgrades on the barn and the mini mansion. 
But have no fear we have a new toy... A golf cart. For now it will be great for going around the neighborhood and helping park the trailer on the trailer pad behind the garage. And then at the farm we can ride around the farm down the loop. Or be like one of our neighbors down the highway from the farm they ride on the shoulder to get to the loop to come check on their cows in a pasture across from us. Maybe I could ride it down the shoulder to the BBQ place. Maybe. Not so sure I'm brave enough to try that. Even Lilley likes to ride on it as long as I'm right beside her. 
After all this rain we've been getting check out my hitch hiker when I opened my tailgate on my highlander. Hope he don't move and get squished when I close it one day.
This past Wednesday night we headed out to go to one of the Bell Gang Guys 60th birthday. I got to wear a new outfit. Yep we're all getting older. After listening to some of the stories these guys tell about growing up I wonder how they ever lived long enough to see the age of 20. LOL. Some of the guys have actually known each other since they were 10 years old. Tom's family threw him a party at Kay's lounge off Bissonet. 
Here's the Birthday boy. Photo taken by his sister Erin. That was a huge German chocolate cake. I was a good girl and didn't eat any but everyone was saying it was delicious. It looked really tasty. It was a very pleasant evening. Several of the boys were there with there wives to help celebrate along with many other of Tom's friends.

Friday night David and I got our all we can eat catfish fix by driving out to Cat Springs. We had to cross the Brazos River in Hempstead to get there. Wow it's still high and it's been a couple of weeks since the big rains.  Normally you can't see it this easy going over the bridge. Anyway we met up with our friends Larry and Sylvia for fun and good conversation well and good food.While having a beer another couple walked in the door that we knew. It was Dean and his wife. The guys all work together. At least for now. The oil and gas business is a little scary right now and they aren't real secure in how long they'll have a job. It was the topic of the night at dinner. 
After 2 months of Pamela driving a rent car Honda finally called to tell her they had the parts to fix her air bag on her CRV so she needed some help getting cars dropped off so I headed up to Bryan to help her out early Saturday morning. 
 On my drive up I noticed what I thought to be new construction and then realized that it wasn't new construction at all. It was destruction by the tornado that went through Navasoto a couple of weeks ago. It had uprooted trees, buildings, signs and at least one home along my route. 
I held up my phone and just snapped some pictures as I drove hoping to capture something. 
Here's a couple shots of what I got. 

I do hope no one was hurt. This home always intrigued me. I hope they get to rebuild.  It was a site to behold as I drove down the rode for about a mile or two.

While in Bryan we went to lunch and did some shopping. I needed some shoes and had a gift certificate. 

For lunch we went to Madden's. It's kinda like a tea room in an
antique shop/building. I like meat but it's not always my favorite and they have an awesome southern fried portabello mushroom and that's what I got. Pamela got healthy and had the salmon with a cabbage base on a tostada shell. 
One day I'll have to branch out and try something different. One day.
It was a good day but it was time to head home before the rain started and it was gonna start
Oh and Did I mention that I've become addicted to the Bloody Shiner. It's a bloody Mary made with zing zang mix and Hill Country Distillery Jalapeno moonshine. Oh Yeah.  Even David is impressed I think. I had bought some V8 juice but it just didn't do the trick. The Hill Country recipe called for zing zang and it made the drink along with 5-8 dashes of Tabasco. I used to never like Tabasco. 

Well that's it....
Until next blog post..... 
Nothing lasts forever so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, 

avoid the drama, take chances,
never have regrets*—and don't forget
to stop and smell the roses.


Linda said...

What a great, newsy post! Thank you for sharing all the highlights of your weeks with us! That first pic Pam took is amazing! I did see that bit of a rainbow in it! Great photo!
Have been thinking about y'all with all that rain.........
Now hurricane season! I remember Amber and Mike were hunkered down during Ike!
Take care of yourself! You Look beautiful!

Handywoman said...

Beautiful pictures! Really amazing

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

The gorgeous photo definitely looks like a painting. Thanks for sharing that. We are starting to dry out a little and Mick actually got our yard mowed too. Phew.... The only advantage of the rain here has been not having to water, but with the heat it won't be long.

Stay dry except for once a week...grin.