Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Hour

It's summer which means my work schedule changes to 4  - 10 hour days with Friday's off. It's not so bad as long as we're busy but at the same time it seems like you just get home, cook, eat, and then get ready for bed. Not much time for anything else. My first 10 hour day was busy but just seemed long. David actually beats me home now and that first night handed me a Bloody Shiner and said "Maybe this will make it  a little better"
What's a Bloody Shiner? It's technically a bloody Mary.
Hill Country Distillery recipe
4oz of Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
1 oz of Jalapeno Moonshine
sqeeze of lime
dashes of Tabsco to your liking. Me I use 5-8
Add ice                    Yum........... So good

Thursday night I went to my book club meeting to discuss our latest book "A Man Called Ove" by
Fredrik Backman. At first I didn't know if I even liked the book but then there was something about Ove and about this book. Ove is a 59 year old man who doesn't seem to like people and everything was black or white. And he was always right or at least he thought so. He was alone and wanted to die. This believe it or not is a feel good book. It just doesn't start off as such. I was ready to strangle Ove. But there are twists and turns and I really liked this book. It's always a fun night when I get together with my fellow readers. It was a small group tonight. We had a great discussion and Cheryl fed us well.
Friday David was suppose to go to the farm and we'd meet at Pamela's on Saturday but things around the house came up so David changed his mind only I had made plans to head up to Pamela's and on the way I wanted to stop off at my friend Sandy's house to drop a card and gift in honor of her Dad who just passed. So I went ahead and went up Friday and David went up to the farm on Saturday and then came to Pamela's. Hazards of David going to farm by himself..... He was mowing under the big pecan tree and a branch caught him on the forehead and almost knocked him off the tractor. He's being banned from mowing under the trees when no one is around..  Once he got to Pamela's and before he got cleaned up he fixed Pamela's curtain that was pulling out of the wall all by
itself. Then when he was cleaned up we gave him his Father's day gifts. He got gift cards and Yeti like mug but the best gift was his t-shirt from Pamela. She couldn't resist. It got a good laugh. He wore it Sunday. Then we took him out to eat  at Casa Rodriguez in Bryan. It was pretty tasty. After dinner we headed home because I had to get up and cook breakfast for David and Joe for Father's Day.
 Oh and yes Lilley went up with me to play with Sophie while we did our thing. She loves playing with Sophie and her toys.  She even got to visit at Sandy's house when I stopped Friday. Now Charlie the cat was not happy about that because his furless Mom put him outside on the patio. Charlie laid right at the dining room window with his big eyes flowing Lilley's every move.  Especially when furless Mom gave Lilley a treat... You could just see the flexing claws. Poor baby Kitty. Yes I know I should have taken a picture of Charlie but I didn't have my phone on me. I'll have to give Charlie some special loves when I go back without Lilley.

Sunday I got up and made a breakfast casserole for David, Mom and Joe. They came down around 9:30am and hung out with us until around noon. 
They left just before the little rain storm blew up. It wasn't much of anything but dropped the temperature which was nice and while sitting there on the patio the wind picked up and the flowers on the crepe myrtles made it look like it was snowing.  We have them all around the back yard but this one was the easiest to see all the flowers blowing in the wind. 
I must get to my laundry, a quilt top for baby Hudson, and think about going to bed soon. Like I said the evenings are pretty short after working 10 hours.

Fun Fun
Until next blog....My life is like tofu—it's what gets added that makes it interesting. 


Unknown said...

Enjoy reading your blog entries.
John V

Handywoman said...

Goodness, 10 hour days! I'm sure you have plenty planned for the weekend. I just hope that the weekend is relaxing enough to make it through. Thanks for the recipe, we will be trying that out!

donna said...

Oh gosh 10 hour days ugggh! I know how you feel. Not time for much when you get home.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carla, I could use a few of those Bloody Shiners once in awhile and I don't even work. Have to say, cute shirt, David..Happy Summer..Judy