Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just a Bloomin and Chillin

Well we kept the barn swallows at bay for a year but this year they found a new spot to build their nest.  Grrr. They make such a mess. This nest is at the corner of the garage and patio.
After the fiasco of the last nest on the speakers that the birds destroyed. David did buy new speakers and when the birds showed up trying to build on them he stuck towels up there and it stopped them.  Our poor daughter is fighting them at her house now. The little devils are building just above her front door. She keeps washing the nests down and has hung an owl up there trying to scare them away. They're not so fast to come back yet but keep trying to sneak in a little. 
Okay so I need a bigger lens to capture the fleeting blue bird that we do have. I have seen a blue blue bird. I almost caught him. Can you see him to the mid-right of the picture. They move so fast and I didn't see him until the last minute. I know the picture quality sucks.
From bird watching I went to take some pictures of the what's blooming. Most of that didn't move except during big wind gusts. All our magnolia tree's are blooming big pretty blooms. We have 3 Magnolia's across the front of the house.  I love Magnolia tree's.  
On the patio our two decor boots are full of color. The purslane came back on it's own and is nice and full of color. It doesn't have fragrance but it's pretty. First time it's ever done that I can remember. Right behind them we have our 2 tomato plants in pots and they are loaded with tomatoes already. David pulled one off last night and mmm I might have eaten it within 20-30 minutes of plunking it off the vine. David picked another tonight but I'll save it for tomorrow night as a snack.
And our plumbago plants are full of purple flowers even after all the rain we've been having. I think we need to plant some of these at the farm since they are drought tolerate and I think there was something about being deer resistant and that's probably a good thing.
Our roses are blooming all around the like crazy too. I think these are part of the knockout rose group.

What really surprised David and I was that the one peach tree he hadn't pulled up yet had leafed out and had blooms on it.  We thought it was dead.  It was just a stick last year.  Maybe just maybe we'll have a couple peaches this year. That would be cool.
Since we celebrated Mother's Day last Saturday we went to the Rockin K on Mothery's Day Sunday. Because of all the rain and other activities we hadn't been up in a while. Whoa! Everything is so over grown. 
It's pretty and green but it's tall. I think we need to mow really really bad but the wild flowers are really pretty. It's kinda sad we have to mow them down too but kinda hard to avoid.

You can barely see the driveway here. The cactus up by the gate are blooming again.Plus with all this rain the pecan tree has really filled out. It's full and green. Maybe it will have a good crop of pecans. You can't see the path or the stones on the path to the mini mansion. They are under there somewhere. 

We were gonna continue putting up the support boards for the patio cover but a young man that was recommended to David from his office came up to give us an estimate to do a cover off the side of the barn and said he would work up an estimate on the mini mansion too. 
So David didn't make me work on Mother's day after all since this guy may complete our cover for us. YAY. Cross your fingers.

So instead of working on the patio cover David pulled out the pink I mean red tractor and the bush hog and started mowing. We could see the driveway again and he made a few passes down each side before we decided to leave.

This past Friday was girls night. David went to the farm to do some more mowing so me and a couple of the girls from work did some damage to my wine inventory. We started out sitting on the patio and by 10pm we came inside for another  refill and stayed inside. Ashley and Samara felt I was a glass behind so I got to drink the last glass all by myself before they left.  It was a fun evening of laughter and just relaxing. What happens on the patio stays on the patio.

This past Sunday was both My Niece's Graduation Party.
Kendall is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks.  She has a few more days of classes yet but the party was on.
She'll be going to UTSA this fall. That's her cousin, my nephew Phillip with her.

Along with her graduation we were celebrating her sister Shelby's graduation from Stephen F Austin University.
I never got a picture of the girls together at the party. 
Shelby is the blonde on the left with her little dog Charlie.
She's sending out her resume's looking for a job.  
Way to Class of 2016. Was glad to be there to help them celebrate their accomplishments.

This photo by Laura Goodwin

Pamela came in from Bryan to help them celebrate and said it was time for a selfie. No problem. 

Will the real Dave please stand up? Oh Lordy! Brothers... They both wore fishing shirts, almost the same color and almost the same shorts. 

They're so goofy.

Did get a picture of Pamela with 2 of her cousins. 
She's kinda short up side them. Kevin, Pam, Phillip (brothers)

That's it until the next blog post...“This above all: To your own self, be true”
- William Shakespeare


Linda said...

What fun it is catching up with all your comings and goings! You are a busy lady and always finding the fun side of life!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Carla, You do have a busy and happy life. Love seeing the beautiful blooms and family. Happy Saturday.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla, graduation time is a busy time. Our grandson is graduating from college in a few days. I just love your property, What a great wild flower meadow you could have..Happy Weekend..Judy

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Busy busy - lots to do and see. Love the wild flowers - and tomatoes already - that must be nice.