Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let's talk

Well it began like any other morning.. well actually it was a good morning. I felt good, I was ready for work, had breakfast, had my purse, phone, keys, and a much needed jacket.  Gave Miss Lilley her morning treat and got my hand shake, set the alarm and I'm out the door. Whoa! So is Lilley. She decided she needed one last potty break. Okay no problem. I turn off the alarm, put my belongings down on the end table, turned around shut the door and we walked out to the grass. Good Girl Lilley.  I look at the clock on the garage wall and it's 6:34am so I'm still good on time. I grab the door knob and push on the door as I turned the knob and bumped into the door. To my surprise it doesn't open. Huh?!! What!! I try again two more times. Okay you've got to be kidding me it's cold as shit outside and I've locked myself outside with no keys or phone. Oh CRAP!! Now what? I mean I just stand there like I expected the door to just pop open. I know David's gonna kill me and the spare key is in my wallet that is in the house and we've never given one to a neighbor since we've moved here. Great. 
Had I had my phone that morning you might have seen a picture something like this...........
Next problem.... Who's up at this time of morning or still home so I can go use a phone to even call David and oh man can I remember my Boss's phone number to let her know my dilemma. I usually let my boss and two of the girls I work with know when I'm running late or not coming in but that's hard to do if I don't know phone numbers by heart. Thank goodness I remembered my boss's office number. So I remember my neighbor two doors down is always up at this time of morning so I take off but as I'm walking I notice there's no light on in the usual windows and it dawns on me "Oh Man they're in Japan!" CRAP CRAP CRAP.  Okay next neighbor I see lights at the end of the cul-de-sac so I head that way but got no answer.
About to cry now... Pathetic right (had I had my phone to capture the moment)... Oh and Whitney if you're reading this and wondering why I didn't come to you well I saw you leave but I did head your way later to see if Jeff was up when I noticed another neighbor was up right across the street from us.
So I knocked on their door. The husband answered and I explained my situation. I called David only he wasn't at his desk so I had to leave him a message. It was almost 8:30 before he got back to me. I was gonna go sit on the patio with Lilley and wait but my neighbor's wife said "no you're not it's too cold out there" I knew it would warm up soon enough though.  David called just after 9 to say come on.  He was a little angry but he waited until I went in to get my stuff and left for work. He was my hero for the day whether he felt like it or not.  When I was telling my saga to one of my quilter/co-workers down the hall she goes "Well at least you had your clothes on unlike someone else we know". I had to laugh because I'd forgotten that story. Long and short of that story.... Our friend ran outside in her nightie in the heat of the summer to grab the newspaper and returned to find the door locked. Now she had to run up and down the street in her nightie trying to find help. Keep in mind it's hot, she's sweating, and.....she has no undies on..... oh yes .... true story.... she finally got to use a phone called the locksmith who came out and found the door wasn't really locked it was stuck and the lock needed to be replaced if I remember right and she's still in her nightie the whole time. LOL  At least I had all my clothes on and a jacket.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I know it's only February but I'm so far behind on my quilting projects. I have got to get busy or I won't have anything to show this quarter for progress. One good thing is that I'm back to going to my quilting bee on the 2nd and 4th Monday's of each Month so maybe just maybe I'll get something accomplished.  Time will tell.
I'm in the final stages of organizing another quilt retreat for March. Can't wait. Several of my usual fabric-a-holics are not joining in the fun because of grand-babies joining the family. Can you imagine such a thing? A grand-baby trumping a quilt retreat I tell ya. LOL. That's okay because I know they'll be here for the next one ready to make lots of baby stuff for that little cutie or cuties.  I have a couple of spaces open so if you're interest contact me soon and I can send you the details. We're going to our favorite location in LaGrange RR Retreats by Margie    

It's my favorite time of year... NOT! Tax time!. I've got to get those done before my daughter kills me. I got a 15 minute lecture the other morning. I told her I'd gladly load it on her computer and she could do her own. She knows she'll get a refund and she wants her money. I know we'll have to pay and for some reason I just hate to do the darn stuff. Oh well I must complete soon before my schedule starts getting crazy with birthdays, quilt retreats and wine I mean Hill Country trip with Pamela.

So Thursday was National Wine Drinking Day did you celebrate it?
I did. I walked two doors down to catch up with my neighbor Deborah who just got home from Japan. She had this vision of me walking down the street with a bottle of wine in my hand. I laughed and said "Nope I brought 2 and they're in the bag".  We only finished off the one bottle.
LAST Friday David took half a day and went to the Rockin K to work on some things and spent the night up there. 
While he was gone I went out to eat with a long time 
friend Joanie who I hadn't seen in over a year. Couldn't believe it had been so long but it had. We hung out for 2 1/2 hours at Willie's Ice House catching up. 
We can't wait that long to get together again.
Then Saturday we headed to Bellville for dinner and music. We ate at the the Little Red Barn for dinner. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I'll give it an okay. Maybe we should have tried the steak since that's always what I've heard was so great. Service was slow but they were really nice. I had chicken fried steak but I meant to say chicken, my error so that didn't help but there was way too much breading for my liking. David had hamburger steak with gravy. He said it was okay. Sorry Little Red Barn I'm not sure I'll come back.
Then we headed on over to Buffalo Creek Winery. Now I'll go back there whenever I can.  If there's not a wedding going on they'll have music. It's a gorgeous setting. Max Stalling's and his band was the entertainment for the night. LOVE Love his music! His lead guitar player Bryce Clark rocks. Had a great evening with our long time friends the Ragan's and the Prudhomme's
My co-worker Ashley invited me to her little girl Aria's 2nd Birthday Party. Wow I haven't been to a little people party in a long time. Long time. We were suppose to be having a baby showing for Ashley 2 years ago but Aria decided to make her grand entrance 6 weeks early.  
And this is how I ended my weekend.

'Until next post....I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life.'~ Maya Angelou


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