Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gone to the Dogs and more

A Week ago Saturday was a great day. Went up to visit with Mom. We went to Lunch at Ransom's Steak House in Montgomery. The food is really good. We both made happy plates. After feeding our faces we decided to run down to a local shop that we both like called The Rancher's Daughter. She for the clothing and me for the wine and decor. It's a really cool shop. Then we hit the park so I could take some pictures of her and the quilt I finally finished for Wren Macauley who was born in August in Cody, Wyoming. She's a pretty baby girl. I put the quilt in the mail and she should have it by now.  Talk about opposite ends of the earth.  I would post her picture but I haven't asked for permission so I won't so you'll just have to take my word for it.
But I can share a picture of the quilt because Grandpa Britt said she got it. Plus I'm not sure Momma he reads my blog and if she does it's still okay.  

Sent the quilt filled with hugs

Couldn't decide on a picture so I sent 2. 

 I forgot to take a picture of the back and the quilting. Bad me. At least I can give my quilter Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest kudos for a job well done. 
And of course I can share another picture of my mom.
Mom had a good day but she got really tired after just a few hours so I took her home. While she has a smile I don't see the same sparkle and I knew she was tired.. She's been having some health issues.   
Just realized I forgot to take a picture of another quilt that Donna finished and quilted for me. It's my Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Oh well something for my next post. 
Here we go again. Fires in Bastrope. Not as bad as 2011 yet but if we don't get some rain soon it could be very easily.
Photo by Mark Winslet . Back last week it was 14 homes 375
acres heading east toward Smithville but now 70% contained but over 4500 acres have been consumed. This area was just recovering from the fires in 2011. So scary and sad. I heard on the new this morning that 64 homes lost and it's now 80% contained.
This past Wednesday we went to Main Street Crossing to listen to Max Stalling and his talented wife Heather who plays fiddle and harmonizes. They are awesome. His songs always have a story and a smooth tune while Heather plays a mean fiddle. Wow.

Now I have lived in our home in Tomball for 4 years and had never seen a snake one but this year things have changed. I saw my first copperhead in August that was slowly cruising across the road in front of my and my neighbor. Then last night my daughter came home from a friends and was sitting on the patio with her Dad talking. I was inside finishing the sides for dinner. David was smoking some chicken. Anyway I heard Pamela say something like I can't figure out.....couldn't hear all the conversation then I hear her say "Ahh Hell No Bajjjeeezzzz's" Then I see this flurry of movement from her and David.
I go outside and ask what's up and find out that Pamela thought she heard a kitten in the roses but instead it was a frog that the Snake was trying to devour. This one is was only  a rat snake but now he's a dead snake. Not gonna run for snake identification book. Kill and ask questions later is my motto when it comes to snakes or spiders.

They delivered our tiny mansion and I finally got to see it in person Sunday a week ago. It's a blank slate and David has already put it on paper how we plan to lay out the inside. 

What I didn't notice in the pictures 
David had sent earlier was that it had shutters and flower boxes. We plan on staining the building a little darker with maroon shutters.

Lol check out this cutie. While in town Pamela went to the eye doctor and snagged a new pair of glasses and got the rude awakening of how much it all cost. 
She hasn't been since she's been on her own payroll. 

Being silly but I do like the glasses and how she looks in them. She wear contacts most of the time but sometimes her eyes need a rest.
And get a load of my Grand-dog. Really?! I can't get her to sit still this long. The groomer has a blast with this little fur ball.  

Obviously Sophie is ready for Halloween.

Her Momma Lilley isn't so ready. Oh Well

In other news my Dad starts his 2nd round of chemo. The doctors are pleased with his results from
the first round. White counts are up and that's good. As of the last picture she posted he still looks good just tired and how he curled up in such a tiny ball is amazing.
My little sister takes excellent care of him but Dad's side kick her son, my nephew, Josiah is the one who doesn't let Dad out of his sight and makes sure he gets all his meds especially when Jerri Lynn is working. Shots included. 
Josiah will make a great nurse. Here's my Dad with his little side kick. The other gentleman on the right is Bill a family friend.  

Well until next post...Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." 
- Albert Einstein


Jeanette Sumruld said...

I love love love your quilt! What a precious present and I know that it will become an heirloom. I'm green with envy over your tiny mansion! Is it going to be for fun or utility? Prayers for your Dad! I know how tough it is to see your Dad going through chemo. I lost mine 11 years ago after a 5 year struggle with lung cancer. Hugs and prayers for all of you.

Richard Miles said...

Love your blog. Your mother looks great.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I hope you'll share what you'll do with your "new house"!

Linda said...

Love your tiny mansion!!! Y'all are going to have so much fun down there!
I have been praying for your dad and family. Glad to get to see his photos!