Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Quick Mother-Daughter Weekend

Last week was crazy at work but a quiet week all the same. Didn't do a thing all week after work. Can you believe it?

This past weekend was a Mother-Daughter bonding weekend. Even before David went off shore he had decided that Pamela and I should make it a girls weekend. Who were we to argue. 
Friday I went to see my favorite hair tech Brittany so she could trim and put some low lites in my hair. 
She knew I was headed out of town for a wedding so she took extra time to curl it. 
She did a great job but the Texas humidity won. I got this one picture and by the time I made my last trip out to the car with my bag my hair had just a little bit of curl left.

Bags, car and dog all packed up and ready to take off for Bryan.

Got to Bryan in time to drop off Dexter at Pamela's apartment and grab her to run some errands before we head to Ft Worth Saturday. 

Now Sophie has been a bad puppy lately so she had 
to go in her crate but Dexter was allowed to roam 
Pamela's apartment. 
Well when we got back this is what Pamela found. How sweet. Dexter found his way into Pamela's bedroom and laid next to his sissy. That doesn't happen often. Sophie is usually able to drive Dexter crazy
Poor little guy is deaf and his sight is fading quickly and I'm worried he may be fading too. He's 17 not 18 until this October but either way his age is catching up to him I'm afraid.

Saturday morning we got up and dropped the pooches off at the kennel for the night while we went to Ft Worth for 2 events. Pamela had a Bridal Shower at 2 and we both had a wedding to attend at 6.
I got Pamela to the shower in plenty of time, in fact we beat the Bride to Be.
I didn't stay at the shower even though I could have because instead I met up with my friend Linda from Linda's Life Journal
I met her at her daughter Amber's(the Quad Mom) party one Christmas almost maybe 4-5 years ago and we hit it off right away. When she was staying in Houston to be with Amber in the hospital waiting for the birth of the quads she and I got together at least once. Timing was always complicated by our busy schedules. I'm so lucky to have met her. She is a little ball of fire and such an awesome person. She and the husband are always working on a project. And she's a talented painter, crafter and a great deal finder at Goodwill. LOL. Our only problem is she lives in Ft Worth area and I'm down here in Tomball. Anyway this trip gave me an opportunity to meet up with her at Star Bucks for a quick visit. Time flew by and I had to find my way back to the shower where I left Pamela. 
I was kinda late getting back due to road construction everywhere which made us rush once we got back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding that started at 6pm.

The wedding was for a high school friend of Pamela's. Okay so I had my camera ready to take pictures of the beautiful Bride Lisa but I quickly found out my battery was dead and I didn't have an extra. Some how I had apparently hit the switch and turned on my camera and ran down the battery. 
That was smart! NOT! Well at least Pamela 
snapped a picture of the two of us with her cell phone at the beginning of the reception.

The wedding was outside and the weather couldn't have been better. It was actually pleasant out. It was like 76 degrees and there was a light breeze.  
Pamela and I wish Lisa and Garrett a lifetime of happiness.

We had fun all weekend. Quality time with the kid.

Well until next blog..... A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend~


Linda said...

I am so excited!!! I made it into your BLOG!!!!
It was a treat to get to see you in person once again. Was it just a memory that you actually peeled a crawfish for me years ago in the garage of a friend? I remember the very first time I met you was at a Christmas party at Amber and Mike's.
Amber told me ahead of time that you and I would hit it off and we did! I also remember the going away party you and David threw for them when they left for a year in Scotland. One of my favorite memories is when you and your mom and - was Pam there, too? - hit up the Goodwills together!
You are one of my favorite people!! I hope we get to make more memories together in time to come!!
PS....I LOVED your hair!!! Just beautiful!

Art and Sand said...

That battery incident sounds like something I would do, like taking the camera, but forgetting the memory card.

What a cute photo of you and your daughter.