Sunday, October 28, 2012

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….

It’s hell to get old. All these new aches and pains and not to mention the Snap Crackle Pops.
Woke up last Friday and the muscle in my left leg felt like a dish rag being wrung out. The pain started at the knee then up to the waist and then down to the toes. Unlike a Charlie horse you can’t stand up to stretch it out. It’s happened maybe 2 other times and it’s extremely painful but it wore off after about 5-6 minutes. I was up moving kinda slow but I was up and getting ready for a Pokeno Girls trip. Well a couple gals couldn’t make it and we missed them but the trip went on. Oh Pokeno is like bingo but you use a deck of playing cards.
Just so you’ll know San Antonio is still standing and in one piece. 7 of us girls went to San Antonio and cruised the Riverwalk.
We stayed at the Riverwalk Plaza Hotel & Suites. The rooms were clean and the beds were actually comfy. Might mention that the AC worked really well in the rooms.
When we arrived late Friday afternoon we checked in, parked the cars and headed out on foot to the Tower of Americas for Happy Hour. I’ll mention now that we walked everywhere and didn’t see our cars until we left Sunday.
Anyway the walk to the Tower of Americas wasn’t exactly a short walk but we all made it. Took this picture out our room window. You can see the Tower over the buildings way over there.
When we got off the elevator in the bar we were slightly surprised at how small the bar area was and there were no tables available. The place wasn’t all that crowed it was just small. We had planned on having a couple of drinks and maybe an appetizer and then head back to the Riverwalk and the La Villita Historic Arts and Shopping area and maybe later stop off at one of the restaurants for a meal.

Since the bar was full we decided to see if we could get a table in the restaurant to have an appetizer and a drink.
We got lucky and got a table where after looking at the menu we decided to just stay and eat dinner. Oh yum yum. Some of us had $12 margaritas that were pretty tasty but I’m not sure of the alcohol content. It wasn’t very strong but I guess that’s okay since we had a ways to walk back. I had bowl of their lobster bisque. Wow it was creamy rich with heavy cream n butter, laced with sherry with lobster in every spoon full. It was so good! For dinner I had the Specialty Plate with tempura battered fish, lobster tail, coconut shrimp, calamari and skinny fries. Oh I forgot to mention the view. The restaurant floor rotated so you got a panoramic view of the city. It takes a full hour to complete its rotation. Like I said before I haven’t quite got the hang of taking pictures of the food so you’ll have to go by my so so description.

Now that dinner is over we’re headed back to La Villita or so we thought. All the stores were closed at this time so instead we walked along the Riverwalk to enjoy the sites and figure out how to get back to our Hotel for a friendly game of Chicken Foot (dominos) along with some wine and munchies. 
Okay so when we get back to the hotel we ended up 3 gals being party poopers. No names mentioned to protect the innocent. They got back to their room to freshen up and decided to stay put. My roomie and I almost did the same thing but Monika and Jaxie were ready to do something beside go to bed. It was close to 10pm and we were in San Antonio to play and have fun so …. I learned to play chicken foot, had some wine and munchies then to bed by …well to be honest I don’t remember what time we went back to our room..
Saturday morning we’re all up at breakfast by 9:30. Part of our package was free breakfast which consisted of Alamo pancakes and bacon or the Texas Two Step (bacon, eggs, toast and red roasted potatoes). I don’t remember anyone complaining about either. I had pancakes the first day and then the Texas Two Step Sunday.
We headed back to the Riverwalk to explore and see about a boat ride/tour and go back to La Villita to look around and maybe shop. Our guide on the boat ride pointed out various buildings and gave us some trivia facts about them and the river.
After the ride we walked around and went up to La Villita to see what there was. First shop we stopped at I found Pamela a shot glass, me a thimble and a Christmas ornament for David and I. Most of the shops there were a little pricey at least for our pocket book but it was fun to look around. It was warm and very humid and we’d been out walking now so it’s time for beverages and maybe some food. A few shared a liter of sangria while the rest of us had tea and water @ Casa Rio. I shared some fajita nachos with one of the girls.
Did I mention how humid it was? It was humid! So bring on the water and tea and alcohol doesn’t help the thirst so I avoided it this time besides I knew we were headed to either Mi Tierra or La Margarita in the Market Square for dinner and drinks that evening so I decided to wait. We heard that Mi Tierra has an awesome bakery so we'll check that out while there.
After lunch we decided to head back to our rooms to just chill before we hit the streets again to head to the market square. Market Square was alive with lots of people and music.  I think we passed like 3 different bands in a short distance. We checked out the goods and a few shops before deciding on La Margarita for dinner.

Got me a Margarita and was thinking about a 2nd one but
then again I thought about the long walk back to the hotel and decided that wasn’t a good idea. The food was really good and so were the drinks.
After dinner we stood in line at the Mi Tierra Bakery to get some goodies. I think we were so full that we really didn’t want much of anything but I had to buy something so I bought a pastry with vanilla cream and a praline candy that I brought home to share with David while some of the girls bought a cookie and one bought an éclair for breakfast the next morning and others bought nothing. Their loss.
Back at the hotel we set up our domino game in the coffee shop that was closed but the hostess let us move tables around and turned on the UT Baylor game and the lights so we could see to play chicken foot and laughed the rest of the evening.
We had decided to leave after breakfast Sunday so we packed up and took it out to our cars before heading to breakfast by a little after 9. And home we headed.
We did a lot of walking and my left leg was sorta stiff but I did fine all weekend but Monday morning was a different story. OMG.. My sciatic nerve has been dealing me a fit ever since. I can hardly walk on the left and standing up was a real test. Stepping up the curb was a feat too. Motrin wasn’t easing the pain so Thursday I headed to the doctor. Dang while there she gave me a flu shot. Didn’t really ask me if I wanted one, I was told I needed one since last year I had pneumonia and yes I've had my pneumonia shot. So I give in and got me a flu shot but make the pain in my butt go away. I might add the shot the nurse gave me I never even felt it. That’s a first.
So the doctor says yep sounds like your sciatic nerve so I’m gonna give you some pain meds and some anti-inflammatory medication.. I’m not sure which one did it but I’ve been feeling funky ever since. Yes the nerve is 65% better but the rest of me feels disconnected, sleepy and I even got car sick riding to dinner last night. I thought that it was because I hadn’t had much to eat during the day. At dinner I was fine but coming home I got motion sickness again. Passed on the pain pill last night.
David realized I really didn’t feel good last night since it wasn’t even 9pm and I was in bed with the TV on but then I asked if he’d just turn it off when he walked by.
David is at least relaxing a little today and off on a motorcycle ride with a friend of ours Britt.   David is working 6-7 days each week and 12-13 hours a day for like for the past 2 months. These hours make for a very tired David and maybe even a little grumpy at times.
Haven’t taken any medication today and I’m feeling okay but that nerve is pulling a little so I may have to break down and take it before I go to bed.
I’ve got to have my walking legs because I’m headed to the Houston Quilt Festival this coming Friday with my friend Denise and that’s a lot of walking.

I guess I’m gonna go sew for a while now. I have a few quilts to make and I did sneak in this pillow last week. Pam’s yellow pillow was falling apart so I covered it with black minky and I'm gonna add purple crystal buttons to tie in with her room color. They didn't show up in the picture. Oh well.  I have several more to cover but right now its quilt time.

Until next time…. All people have the right to stupidity but some abuse the privilege.


Linda Chapman said...

Ah......that was a fun post to catch up with you and all your doings!! Sorry you are still in pain but GOODNESS!! You still managed to have a lot of fun!
You are ALWAYS doing something fun!!!

Kathy said...

You poor ladies look like you are so sad:) I know you had a blast getting together and doing things that were fun!!!!!!!

quiltfool said...

I'm so jealous of your trip to Houston tomorrow. Have a ball and think of all of us that aren't going to make it this year. Lane