Sunday, August 19, 2012

Snap Crackle Pop

Snap Crackle Pop....Okay I'm not talking Rice Krispies. It’s mine and David’s body as we lift, load or carry all the boxes, tubs and furniture to my daughters very first apartment a week ago. I say first because it’s the one she is paying for and no roomies for the first time. She plans on staying there for at least 2-3 years but I can tell you this We’re to old for this shit. Excuse the French.

Told her to either hire a moving company or find some reliable young men to help her move next time because Dad and Mom are out of the
moving business. She said no problem. She (Pamela) love working as an RN. She's no longer on orientation and was moved to nights. Now that's a hard move trying to get used to sleeping during the day and working from 7pm to 7am. About the time she gets used to it they'll shift her to days.
She won't complain either way since she's glad to have a job that she likes.

Her apartment is really cute and she's slowly getting things organized. She has emptied all but maybe one tub/box but just needs to decide where to put things. She's been collect things for 6 years from her apartment living while at school.
Of course she did buy some new stuff like dishes and pots and pans. Roomies usually already had that covered and she just supplied supplemental items over the years like bakeware or glasses, etc.

I was able to snap a few pictures before she told me to stop this past Sunday when we went up so Dad could hang pictures and other big items.
The most important artwork was hung first. Need to work on taking pictures of pictures. My flash reflected off the the glass of her Aggie diploma and Her nursing degree.

We even took the Dexter dog so he could give his approval on the new place. I guess he liked the place he found a comfy spot on her new couch and snoozed.

That's exactly what I'd like to be doing. At least I'm not hauling boxes today. I'm just watching Pamela tell her Daddy where to hang her pictures.
We went to The Chicken Oil for dinner. Yum Yum. 
Then we came back to Pamela's apartment to just relax a momemt before we head back to Tomball.  I think Pamela is all set. She was probably ready to get rid of us so she do her own thing for a while.
   How many of you have been to a Pampered Chef party? There's one dish we make over and over..
Taco Ring

It's really easy to make.

ll you need is
2 cans of crescent rolls
1 - 1 1/2 # Hamburger
1 can of Rosarita original refried beans
1 package of Taco Bell taco seasoning
 and optional cilantro.

Preheat oben to 350

Fry Hamburger like you would for tacos
Drain grease
Add taco seasoning and Follow directions on packet for cooking.

While waiting for the above mixture to thickin and cook
Begin laying out your crescent roll triangles.
Can 1.
 Can 2 continue to layer and fill in open areas as below.
 Now open the can of refied beans and spread on the crescent trianagles. I typically on use 3/4 of the can.

Take a spoon and make an indention into the beans to sort of hold the taco meat.


The taco meat should be done now so begin spooning it on top of the beans. Once all the meat has been spoon onto the beans you can sprinkle some fresh cilantro around the ring to taste or leave it off entirely. It's up to you. We love cilantro so we add quite a bit.

Now you're ready to fold the triangles up and over the taco meat and press it down in the center. Hopefully yours will look something like the below or better. ;o)

Now put into your preheated over and bake for for about 18 minutes or until a golden brown.

Ready to eat.

All you need to do is add your favorite condiments. 

Some of our favorites
sour cream
pico de giro
shredded lettuce
and sometimes we add gucamole.

Well that's it for now. A little news and a little food. All I need to do is relax with a yummy margarita made by my wonderful hubby.

Until next blog...... Eat Drink and Be Merry when ever you can.



Linda Chapman said...

I have enjoyed catching up on your posts this evening! What a milestone for Pam to have her own place. Kind of bittersweet.

That Taco dish looks AMAZING and I want to make this soon!! I have never seen this recipe before!

Janet said...

Yummy, I'm going to have to give this a try for sure!