Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pet Peave

You're sitting in a restaraunt with family and/or friends. Enjoying good food, drinks and laughs. Then it happens.. some little kid walks up to your table and reaches for your food. Yep some unknown kid runs up to your table and reaches for your food. WHAT!?! No way. This really happened to me or David I can't remember which. This little girl had been running around the restaraunt when she decides to stop she reaches up ready to grab some food off our plate. The parents are not paying attention to the child until we say "No" the their child.
You're sitting in a restaraunt with family and/or friends. Enjoying good food, drinks and laughs. Then it happens... kids come running thru the restaraunt and run into a waiter carrying a tray of HOT food. Tray flys thru the air .... Does hot food and dishes hit the kids or does it a patron? Well so far I must commend the waiters or waitress they have been able to avoid an accident.

So do I sound like a kid hater yet. Well I'm not but I don't appreciate having a strange kid putting their hands near my food and it does bug me when kids are running amuck in a restaraunt. And with the running they're usually screaming. I'm sorry but Our daughter was never allowed to run around. She was made to sit in her chair and behave until we were ready to leave. It was a boundry we set for our daughter when we went out or she would stay home with a sitter. Funny ... Pam was in maybe 5th grade and these kids where running around and she looked at us and said Thank God you taught me how to behave. Amen.

Recently for book club meeting we went to Tampico Seafood & Cocina Mexicana Restaraunt on I-45 N to discuss our latest book choice Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich hosted by Susan. You can click on the title to see more of the review but I'll tell you right now we were disappointed in this book. Most of us had all read or are reading her Stephanie Plum series and really enjoy them but this new book in the Lizzy and Diesel series was lacking. But have no fear We always have fun no matter what book we read.
More about the Tampico Seafood & Cocina Mexicana Restaraunt restaraunt .... I had some yummy beef fajita quesadilla's and a couple of the other girls I noticed had Shrimp and grilled tilapia. 
We have met at this restaraunt a few different times and the service has always been great. And our group can be demanding sometimes. But it's not real busy when we're there which makes it nice for us to hold a club discussion.
Service and taste made us very Happy.
I wanted to commend this restaraunt for posting this sign all over their business.  
I wish more restaraunts would post this at their establishment.
Would make dining way more pleasurable some days.
I've got to go finish getting ready for my first Quilt Retreat.... Yippee. More on that later.
Until next blog....Even a small Star shines in the darkness.



Jeanette said...

I'm with you on this one. There is nothing worse than parents who let their kids run wild!! then if you try and say something you are the bad guy. I'm going to have to try out that restaurant and let them know how much I appreciate them for posting this notice!

Jeanette said...

Love your new look too!

sgw123 said...

Or if you're sitting in a booth & someone's kid stands up & hangs over the seat into your booth. Ok you're cute & all but go away now! LOL.

Janet said...

I hate this too and I'm not a kid hater either but I didn't raise my son to be disrespectful at the table or in public so I expect other parents to do the same. (might be asking too much these days)
I sometimes think they let their kids do this because 1. they expect the wait staff to baby sit while they eat (why not their paying customers) and 2.If their kid gets hurt they get rich. (Are they hoping to get rich this way?)
I'm with you and I wish all restaurants would put a sign like this, (btw I thought the sign was too nice, what I would have probably why I don't own a restaurant!)