Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday+Friend+Family= FUN

One day I'll be organized enough to post a day or two after an event and not a week or so later. Oh well there's only so many hours in a day.

Friday the 18th  I took a day of vacation to spend the day with my new friend Linda from Dallas. Her son-in-law Mike Bell works with my husband. Mike and his wife Amber Bell put up with us old folks as friends and at one of their Christmas parties I was lucky enough to meet Amber's mom Linda.

Linda was in Houston all last week visiting with her daughter but she squeezed a visit with me in. My daughter Pam came home from nursing school and asked if I thought Linda might mind if we went to our favorite Tea Room called The Whistle Stop Tea Room.

Even my husband likes this place and he's not a big tea room fan but the food portions are ample and the desserts are awesome. The only thing we don't like is ........ oh wait there isn't anything.

Linda was game so she drove to my house and we all jumped into my car and headed to Tomball for lunch and a little shopping. 

If you're ever in Tomball at lunch time you ought to give the Tea Room a try and if you're a quilter
you can roll walk across the street after lunch to Quilter's Crossing.

Both are located next to the railroad tracks one block off Main on Commerce Street. Along with all the other quaint little shops around. And if you're a Vera Bradley fan you need to hit O'Suzanna's shop right down the walkway from the tea room.            

Linda seemed quite please with our luncheon choice.
As you can see she was all smiles.
We had finished our creamy potatoe soup, salads, and yummy chicken enchiladas and had moved on to dessert.

I'm making myself hungry as I write thinking about all the yummy food.

Linda and I shared Bread Pudding with a buttery rum sauce.

Linda thought it was better than.......
well okay I'll keep it G- rated. She thought it was out of this world.
I had to steal her picture of the bread pudding from her blog.

And Pam ordered a piece of Yum Yum pie that is so delicious too.
You'd think by the look of it, it would be rich rich but it's actually very light and easy to eat. 

Linda and I stole a couple of bites just to make sure it was okay for Pam to eat. 
Pamela was being camera shy as usual.  She like so many of my friends put up blocks to my picture taking.

Linda received a call while we were shopping and stepped outside in a little garden area. It was a beautiful day to be outside and strolling the streets of Tomball.
                                                                                       Linda is in the pink and that's me in the purple.
After a quick photo shoot we strolled down the streets thru a couple of shops to see what we could not live without. This trip we came up empty handed. So we headed to the car and took off the big town of Conroe via the back roads. I rarely travel the highways if I can avoid it.  My Mom had heard so much about Linda that she wanted to meet her and said she knew of a couple good thrift stores there in Conroe. Sure enough she took us to the Goodwill Store. Now Linda is the Queen of Goodwill in Dallas so I expected nothing less when we were in Conroe.

I wasn't disappointed. LOL. I did find a pair of brown shoes but not much else. But Linda, well she hit the mother load. I figure Louis Dean her husband won't let her come back to visit me.  She filled her basket and the back of my car with her finds.
Linda found some of the cutest pairs yes pairs of shoes and some nifty decorations that I know she'll work her magic on and they'll be just gorgeous.
We planned on hitting another shop but I looked at my watch and realized that it was nearly 4:30pm and by the time we drove back to Tomball it would be getting dark and not being familiar with the roads from my house back to her daughters I didn't want Linda to have to drive in the dark.

But before we lefted my mom's I had to snap a picture of my mom and Linda together

What a fun day! Lunch, talking, shopping, more talking and I got to spend time with Linda, my daughter and my mom.
What more could a girl ask for? Good friend and family.

Until Next Blog.......... Wishing you a dazzling day of delicious delights!



Linda Chapman said...

How FUN!!! I had a blast that day! Hope we can do it again sometime. You are so creative in the way you lay out your pics and posts! I need to get a little more variety in mine.

Carla, I am so happy we are friends! Thanks for a lovely day and the delicious lunch!! Yes....that bread pudding was THAT good!!

Texas Tales said...

Great post! Looks and sounds like yall had a great time. I actually just read about that tea room in one of the newspapers I edit - it is, indeed, very popular!!

sgw123 said...

Looks like fun! I see that Pam & I assume the same pose for photos! LOL.