Monday, May 9, 2011

Exercise and Mother's Day

Where do I begin...mmmm. Wednesday (5/4)after work I decided to start walking again with a friend. Made it around the track twice - 1 1/4 mile with not much trouble. I was happy with myself. Now my friend had her 2 beautiful German shepherds with her. Well the young one was getting real rowdy because other dogs were showing up at the track. So I looked at my friend Barbara and said "There's no way you can get back around the track to your car with both dogs" So I took the calm dog(Katie) and off went. I'm doing good another 1/4 mile won't hurt right? Well it wouldn't have hurt if I hadn't decided to walk off the track to let other walkers by.
As I step off the track and walked along the worn area I start telling myself "Watch your step you don' want to................OH SH#$. Down I go with my right ankle rolling and touching the ground.
As I lay on the ground I hear a man saying "Are you okay, see what happens when you go all sexy and sash-shaying around this track" Then a woman asks "are you okay, you were doing great". And Next I hear my friend "Oh My God Carla are you okay?" Now during this I haven't opened my eyes but I have broken into a cold sweat and have repeated my favorite word several times. I apologized to those around me if I've offended them but the word comes out again as another pain shoots from my ankle up my leg.
When I finally open my eyes I see 2 women and one man in a marine T-shirt asking me where I hurt and do I want help sitting up. I was able to get the words out that it was my right ankle as the man removes my shoe and sock. Oh boy I'm seeing spots and stars so I close my eyes and my favorite word comes out again and NO I don't want to sit up. Nauseous and dizzy I lay in pain in the dirt. About this time the one woman sitting on the ground next to me jumps up thinking an ant has crawled up her shorts. I wanted to up too but the pain overruled that idea. I probably laid there for about 20 minutes. It seemed like an hour, but Barbara would have to confirm the timing. ;o) Who cares right?
My friend Barbara walked on to her car, loaded the dogs and then drove her car over the curb to get to me. I'm gaining some composure now so they help me sit up and finally get me off the ground and into her car. She drives me to my car that I do manage to drive home in pain. Did I mention I turned the AC to 60 to keep me semi cool. Barbara follows me and helps me inside the house and becomes my nurse and slave. She's so great but after much help I send her on her way. Oh I forgot to mention that I called David on my way home. "Honey you might want to stop and get something easy like hot dogs for supper I just fell and hurt my ankle." Silence then some choice words from my Honey. When he got home more choice words none of which I had used, then the nurturing side of him kicks in. I can be accident prone sometimes.
Starting to bruise and no ankle

It's even more colorful
I did go to work the next day. I couldn't get into the orthopedic so I went to the Texas Urgent Care Center to get xrays last Thursday. They put me in an aircast and on crutches. Now I'm an accident waiting to happen. Good note here is.. it's not broken.
So today the orthopaedic put me in a walking boot for at least 4 weeks for 24/7. Only take off for showers. Oh goody. I'm having fun now. What a way to start the weekend.


My foot is turning the color of the shirt I wore for Mother's Day
At least this time any way.

Managed to salvage my weekend and went to the annual crawfish boil at David's ole Boss's house. The hubby cooked some brisket and beer can chicken for the non- mudbug eaters. Had planned on swinging by another friends house for her annual Cinco De Mayo party too but was at the mercy of my family. Once we got to the crawfish boil I found a spot to sit and my sweet daughter who came in for the weekend waited on me hand and foot. I smiled sweetly and asked for mud bugs and rum punch.
The rum punch made me sleepy and took the pain away for a while. All the food was yummy and the hospitality was great. Just wish I could have been up and moving so I could have supplied some pictures of the night. It was a great night for being outside!

On Sunday we woke up and met my Mom and Joe in Tomball for breakfast at Harris County BBQ. They have a great breakfast selection and it's always tasty.

For the rest of the day ... I sat in the recliner with my foot up and iced. May have taken a nap or two while I was at it.
I had a wonderful Mother's Day in spite of my ankle and I hope everyone else did too.

So Until next blog....... Just call me Klutz
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♥  Carla ! ♥
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Linda Chapman said...

Good grief!!! The things you do to get attention!! Shall we start calling you the Drama Queen?? Just kidding....the bruises look AWFUL! Next time you are on the trail......let others go around you if they are in a hurry!!
On the bright have a beautiful pedicure. Love the red nails. Though I am certain it is clashing with the purple to green bruising by now!

Carla said...

A Better name would be Klutz or Chester. LOL
The bruising just keeps spreading. And walking is better than crutches but it still sucks. Funny you should say that about the pedicure because the fall chipped some of the polish and now they need to be cut. Can't win. Glad that you got that man of yours home and out of the hospital.