Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Saturday Night and It's Alright

Had a quiet day today. Went to the post office, 2 red boxes trying to find a movie we would watch or haven't already watched and finally ended up at Block Buster.
Then I went to an open house over in Memorial West. Okay no I wasn't looking to see about buying I just went to visit one of my favorite realtors. I said one of my favorite since I do have a couple of other realtor friends. Barbara Borchers with ReMax became a close friend back in 95 when she helped us sell our 2nd home and she put up with David and I till we found this home we've lived in since 95.  We drug her to 100+ houses for over a year trying to find one with the right price and something that would meet both our wish lists. She earned her commission.

So while I was out running around, those of you who know David can probably guess what he did. He was out intimidating the plants and trees. I think we've lost several plants but we'll see if anything comes back from all the brown as things start budding out. 

I'm feeling good but poor David can't get rid of the cough. I'm sure working in the flower beds didn't help. He took my cough medicine with codeine about 15 minutes ago so that'll knock him real shortly. So no partying for the Kennedy's that's for sure. ;o) 

Just a four more days and Pamela will be celebrating her 24th birthday and 3 days after that I'll celebrate the big "55". Yikes! time has flown by. I was told it does that as we get older. For our birthday we're headed to the rodeo for Ladie's Night Out. It's a great evening with all the food and drinks we can or care to consume plus miscellanous other activities they set up for the ladies and we'll get to see "Sugarland" perform. Can't wait plus it'll be nice to see the kid. Haven't seen her in almost a month. I kinda miss her when she's at off at school.

Oh  David and I watched the movie "Unstoppable" with Denzil Washington. The movie about the runaway train. Great Movie!

Until next time...........................  A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart
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Linda Chapman said...

I loved Unstoppable!! Had me on the very edge of my seat!!
Happy Birthday in advance to you and Pam. Sounds like a perfect plan for celebrating!
Don't you love weekends?