Friday, May 5, 2017

Foto Friday

photo by Pamela Kennedy
Love this picture that Pamela took. This is Pamela's friend's, Marlaina and Josh's little guy Thomas. He loved getting kisses from Sophie while visiting us at the farm one weekend. Marlaina has been like part of our family since 3rd grade.

My lastest creation so far this year. I have almost completed 2 more and working on my third.
Bluebonnets came so early this year and gone so fast. 
I've always wanted to stop here and take pictures when heading to Fredericksburg on our trips in April because it is usually covered in Bluebonnets but this year not so much.
Most of them have already faded away. I love windmills.
Caught a few Bluebonnets in this pictures but there weren't as many as usual.

Photo by Dixon Family

Meet the Beau, Rhonda and Hudson. Isn't Hudson a cutie? I mean the whole family is cute. Hudson's Momma used to babysit my daughter. Doesn't seem possibly that she has a little one of her own. 

photo via Melissa Kasinger

I love this look on my nephew Beckett's face
at his first dental appointment.... "You're gonna do what with that sharp object?"

My Crazy Niece Shelby jumped out of a perfectly good plane the other day. Way braver than I!

Look at the smile on her face. Now her Uncle David says he wants to do this.  He's already done the bungee jumping thing, ridden in a Nascar in Las Vegas, drove his own front engine dragster for many years and he used to race a drag bike. So he's ready for a new adrenalin rush. I need to make sure the insurance policy is up to date.

And she landed safely and still smiling..
And a blast from the past... I have no clue what I was doing or saying.  The guy with me is my big brother Sorrell from fraternity. Ran across this when cleaning out my files. Taken around 1985 maybe. 

I'll have to tell you in my next post about the awesome dinner we went to on Tuesday

but until then.....

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Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. The kids are so cute and love Texas bluebonnets..Happy Monday..Judy