Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December is Here

Wow it's almost the middle of December and we all knows that means it's almost Christmas! OH MY! Are you ready? I'm not. I do now have our tree up. YAY! I took my time since I didn't have my usual helper. Pamela and I got the tree but she had to go back home before we could start decorating. It's not as much fun without her.  I got decorations up around the den, kitchen, study and dining room. Not a lot but I got some up. David noticed this new Christmas piece right away. Probably something to do with the motorcycle. LOL Maybe if my pumpkins had been riding a motorcycle he would have noticed the fall decorations sooner.
This year I have several new ornaments to add to the tree. The Star Bucks Cup and the white ball with the boot came from Pamela and I bought the boots. Imagine. The one that holds a wine cork came from Messina Hof winery in Bryan. And the red ball in the middle came from Missouri Star Quilt Company. 
While decorating my Elfie joined the 3 wise men. He almost looks innocent sitting there.
At work everyone is decorating their office doors. It's crazy. Some of these people are not only creative but talented. We have 2 doors and we decided to be funny and I have to say we got creative too.  That's the face of our director on the Elf riding the wrecking Christmas Ball. And knew exactly the video it reflected but this Elf got to keep his clothes on..   
Then the other door we decided to make our Reindeer bouncer a little more beefy.  You had to be on the list to get inside for Santa's dance off between the Elves and Reindeer.
Just across the hall the school district audit department had Mr Grinch and upstairs in another department Santa was coming down the chimney or going up...mmmm
Me and the Grinch had a moment in the hallway. Shh don't tell David... Oops I think he reads my blog.  The secret is out I guess. Oh it's a seasonal thing so he has nothing to worry about.  
As I was digging in the decorations I found reindeer antlers. I'm not sure Lilley was so happy I found them but she wore them long enough for me to snap this picture. She's such a sweet little deer.
And Sophie, that little fur pup got to go visit Santa and she got to pick out a toy from the Santa basket. Wonder what she told Santa she wanted for Christmas?
I guess I better get busy and finish any Christmas shopping and gathering up things if we want anything under the tree. And I have a quilt top I want to finish before Christmas. One more row. Then on to the next couple of projects on my UFO list. 
Well That's it for now.
Until next blog....May all your days be Merry and Bright.


Kate said...

Loved this post, Carla - lots of fun. Sophie tugs at my heartstrings.

KaHolly said...

I just love it when people make Christmas f-u-n!!

Nickie Rae Blakely said...

Thank you always for your commentary
Merry Christmas to you and yours❤️❤️️

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Those doors at your work place are amazing!