Friday, October 21, 2016

Wow we finally have a complete deck and cover on the Mini Mansion and on the barn we now have an over hang in the front and a lean to on the north side. It's great having the shade.
Let's see poor David started this adventure what back in November 2015 which turned into a fiasco. Then in May he found someone else who said he could do it but couldn't start right away because of prior commitments then that kinda stretched longer and longer but it's finally complete. Now we can go back and put the outside lights on the barn and start the electrical on the cabin. I think that's the plan anyway. We pulled the table out of the cabin and ate lunch on the deck this last weekend. 
David had gone to Pamela's to help her get some landscaping done in her back yard. Of course the night before it poured and it rained the morning before he got up there. But the work went on. Together they hauled a yard of dirt to the back and built up her flower bed that she had put in back in the spring I think it was. Actually they were playing in mud. I went up after work and cooked dinner for them and we stayed the weekend. Pamela had been getting multiple calls from the hospital to come in to work the next day so her Dad told her to go ahead and go in. Go make money so we can spend it on plants. LOL.
So the next day while she went to work for a few hours he and I went to the nursery and bought some more plants to go with the ones he had already bought and came back to the house and got to planting. She even got a Red Oak tree planted so she'll have some shade one day.  I found a little. LOL 
David has a pretty good eye for landscaping and knows his plants. Before we could even get the plants in the ground the butterflies were attacking the drift roses and lantana. Pamela got home around 3 and we were all done. She was so excited to see her flower bed and new tree planted. She goes "Now I have Daddy landscaping".  Next time they get together they need to get some mulch to spread. She's got 2 crimson red crepe myrtles to plant on the side of the house but David left those for Pamela's yard guy to plant.
These two fur balls got to have the weekend to play and have fun. Pamela had sent me this picture before I got up there. They're so darn cute and loveable.

I have two quilts I'm working on and I can't share either one of them darn it. 
One is my round robin medallion that I have to add borders too. Well I can show this picture. This is Mildred and the medallion she made. I'm the first one to get to add borders. Yikes but I got my idea and the math of the border worked out thanks to my friend Donna Marie and EQ7. Gotta finish before Nov 5 for our next hand off. Can't wait to see what everyone else has done. Of course I don't get to see what Robin Mary Jane has done to my medallion. Shucks.
The other quilt I'm finishing up the binding this weekend while traveling to Bandera to meet up with some friends. We usually meet up with them on our anniversary on labor day weekend but decided we'd wait for cooler weather and we got it. Should be beautiful this weekend.  Anyway this quilt is a gift to a friend so until I pass it on I can't share the actual quilt but soon I promise.  
To be honest I have 2 other quilts I'm working for babies in the oven. Then I think one popped out yesterday so I guess I better get busy on that one too.  These babies are coming faster than I can produce the quilts. LOL

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Well that's all I have for now. Hugs
Until next blog.....Ready ..... Set.... Sew


Linda said...

Your David is THE most handy man EVER!!! Is there anything he CAN'T do???

Nickie Rae Blakely said...

Thought of you last weekend was in Clifton Texas Quilters auction had the best time . Never been to an auction I had a paddle with a real number and bought a quilt or to.... good cause....the Luther. Churches hold this every year for the sunshine home the members use in heath issues.

Anonymous said...

Carla this is my try at commenting..
let me know if you get this..
Cathy Going