Thursday, September 15, 2016

Music, Babies and Wine

Well I was on a roll last week end trying to keep up with posting and then poof. Oh well.
After Friday night's anniversary celebration on the 2nd we decided to go to Kenney to the Kenney Store to listen to a group called 
Picture from Blue Grooves Website
The Blue Grooves. One night when at Main Street listening to a band they had a guitar playing who said he played with the Blue Grooves sometimes and we should check them out so we did. This I believe is a picture of him on the far right but he wasn't with them Saturday. The guys there were good. They played a range of songs and they all sounded great! Some times you thought you were listening to the band who originally sang/played the song. They also had a gal named Rita from the Kenney Store come up on stage and sing. Wow she was good too. The one song they played by Linda Ronstadt called Blue Bayou, well they should of had her sing. It wasn't bad but it just needed that female voice to make it right. We hollered at some friends of ours who lived just down the road from Kenney to see if they wanted to join us. And they sure. Mark and Kathy joined us for a tasty dinner and some good music. Did I mention the Kenney Store serves good food? From hamburgers to grilled or fried pork chops to fried fish. They have a little of everything. And Ice Cold Beer. We'll definitely go back there again. And we'll try to catch The Blue Grooves again. Fun Nite.
Sunday we were gonna get up and go to breakfast at our favorite hole in the wall place and David was gonna smoke some ribs and brisket butttt that didn't happen instead we took it easy. He actually relaxed which he rarely does. He can't sit still. He thinks he has to work himself to death but he actually took time to watch some racing and I did some sewing on my Round Robin Block. Grrrr. It was just a very lazy day. We might of had a nap in there somewhere. Monday was the BBQ day. David did good! mmm mmm good. We had ribs one night and brisket the next. So tasty.

This past Saturday the 10th Pamela came home so we could go to a baby shower together. It was the son of my sorority sister Sheryl. He and his twin brother have been friends with Pamela since they were babies. 
This is the Momma to Bee, Hailey. Isn't she a cutie. She hardly looks pregnant.


The young lady in black is one of the hostess's and the one in white is my daughter Pamela..

The Daddy to Bee wanted to make sure I got pictures of all the gifts so they could share them with Hailey's Mom who couldn't make it and neither could his Grandma.  He was so funny. Holding up that bottle pedialyte up like it was special drink just for him. I heard Pamela tell him it was good for hangovers. Which he already knew. I learned something.
Love this shirt they got as gift. 
If you can't read it.... "Super Handsome Like my Uncle"

Not sure which Uncle got that shirt for them but I have an idea. LOL
And this shirt is perfect.

Then this older brother/Uncle to Bee got to babysit a doll for a little girl who just adores him. LOL Not married, no kids but he is great with kids and I caught him with the doll via the camera. I'm sure his brothers won't let him forget it then who knows. Isn't he cute? 
After the shower Pamela and I went home to grab David to go get a bite of dinner. Then a couple my friends from work came over. And that means wine. Yep we had wine. We also played a friendly game of Cards against Humanity. This not a game for the faint of heart and if you're easily offended it's not a game for you. But leave it to me, Samara, Ashley and my daughter to have endless laughs over this crazy game. 
I believe Pamela was trying out her Spanish on Samara at this point. She tries to tell me she can't speak Spanish. Okay so maybe not fluently but she can speak enough to get her point across. She's such a goof ball.  Gotta love her.
Pamela provided this picture via snapchat of her and Samara. 
 I don't think David took time to count the wine bottles in the trash can this time. He was home this time. He stayed in the den and watched football and racing while us girls got crazy.  He said he didn't even want to bother us when he decided to go to bed. We were having to good a time.  What happened at that table that night will stay at that table unless.... 

I decide to blackmail them. I remember everything that happened unlike .... mmmmm  Call me Crazy

Until next blog....Friendship is a tapestry woven through the years with threads of joy and laughter, happiness, and tears.


Linda said...

You sure do stay busy, lady! And, correct me if I'm wrong, you have a JOB that takes up a lot of time! You do squeeze every drop out of life!

donna said...

You are good would catching people with the camera. lol! You are so silly love your mask, so glad y'all had fun.
Love ya,